Day XXXV: 10 things I hate about the internet

These things I detest about the internet... or at least I think I do...

1.) It's addictive
2.) Perverts(myspace)
3.) It makes you look at it
4.) The amount of knowledge available makes teachers look dumb
5.) Child porn (disgusting)
6.) The amount of youtube videos that have to do with cats
7.) The RIAA
8.) DRM (itunes)
9.) The government monitoring it (you know they are)
10.) Estonia (LOL Geek joke)


day XXXIV: 11 things that make me want to pee myself

These are things that make me want to pee myself. This could be in a good way like happiness or a bad way like fear. Anyway, EnJoi!

1.) Having visitors to my blog
2.) Thriller movies
3.) Extravagant places
4.) Dead pets in the road
5.) Near death experiences (only imaginations of them I've only had one)
6.) Large figures that people I know deal with (10M dollars or more)
7.) Drowning
8.) Photos that I have take that turn out well
9.) Scary videos online of cats
10.) Scuba diving this is not bad I love it so much I want to pee myself but not in a dry suit (I have my license)
11.) Things I've never seen before (plants animals technology etc.)


Day XXXII: the first 32 words (nouns or verbs) that I think of

If you want to do this one I suggest you make all your numbers first count backwards from 10 to clear your mind and type like a jackrabbit.

1.) Citizen's Bank
2.) Dvorak
3.) DaVinchi
4.) Douse
5.) Apple Pie
6.) Red Robin
7.) Basketball
8.) Birds
9.) Planes
10.) Superman
11.) Superhero Movie
12.) Spandex
13.) Brand names
14.) A screw
15.) hold
16.) slotted
17.) spoon
18.) dead
19.) monkey
20.) artisan
21.) woman
22.) play
23.) script
24.) Mrs. Labae
25.) Drama
26.) Queen
27.) queer
28.) runs
29.) mexico
30.) Genesis
31.) Illegal Alien
32.) Music


Day XXXI: occasions to celebrate

This is a lame post post some more interesting ones if you feel like it...

1.) Marriage
2.) Birthdays
3.) Christian Holidays
4.) Government Holidays
5.) Snow Days
6.) Puppies
7.) Summertime (for those of us in school)
8.) Victory in a game (football, basketball, etc.)
9.) Hitting a cat in the street (makes for great photo ops and can cure warts if you are Tom Sawyer)


Day XXX: 7 things that make me afraid

These are 7 things that make me sacred... I know some fear is irrational but I suppose it can be healthy

1.) Large Black men (not a racial insult)
2.) Death - not the imminence but the how
3.) Dead people
4.) Almost having something bad
5.) My imagination... sometimes I imagine strange things like accidentally flossing with razor wire and cutting my gums
6.) Being lost in the woods (ever since I read "The girl who loved Tom Gordon")(not high on the list)
7.) Cars following me for long periods of time (I always turn in the wrong direction and see if they follow)


Day XXIX: 10 words that start with the letter "L"

I know these letter lists may seem sort of strange but I think that they work pretty well...

1.) Long
2.) Large
3.) Lethal
4.) Logan
5.) Lincoln
6.) Lexus
7.) Liturgical
8.) Lime
9.) Lice
10.) "Love Song"


Day XXVIII: 10 reasons I don't sleep

These are 10 things that I do instead of sleep that I guess i think are more important sometimes...

1.) Homework
2.) Work
3.) All night Vigils (JK)
4.) Thoughts
5.) Friends
6.) Video games
7.) Friends and video games combined
8.) NOS
9.) Studies
10.) Guitar hero (I know its a video game but its what I'm currently addicted to..._


Day XXVII: 8 things I don't like

These are random things that I don't like.

1.) Barbecue Sauce
2.) Mayonnaise
3.) Thousand Island Dressing
4.) Fabreeze
5.) Dead Cats
6.) Driving for long periods of time
7.) Waking up early
8.) Getting shot in the face with airsoft or any guns


Day XXVI: 7 reasons I haven't blogged in a while

These are not necessarily good or valid reasons but listen to them anyway as I ramble on.

1.) I haven't had much time in a while between soccer practice, 3 ap classes etc.
2.) I was tired and still am
3.) I didn't feel like it
4.) I didn't want to (this and number 3 are a little different
5.) I've been doing a lot of stuff outside of school (guitar hero, movies, uni cycling)
6.) I did other things instead
7.) I'm sorry but I will try to be more faithful