Day CXXV: 12 possible hampster names

I've just been thinking of cute furry animals lately :D

1.) Bruiser
2.) Rex
3.) Nabuchon (pronounced Na boo chan)
4.) Brownie
5.) Hamtaro
6.) Sunflower
7.) Muffin
8.) Cupcake
9.) Master Cutie
10.) Little Bumpkin
11.) Rover
12.) the Mayor of Cutietown


Day CXXIV: 10 possible kitten names

Kittens are the cute amazing side of what turn out to be cats (ewww)

1.) Mittens
2.) Kitty
3.) Claws
4.) Buttercup
5.) Paws
6.) Bubbles
7.) Blossom
8.) Fluffy
9.) Peanut
10.) Gordito (spanish for a little fat)


Day CXXIII: 10 letters/numbers I can see from where I am sitting other than my keyboard

1.) ND from my Abercrombie sweathirt
2.) 18 from a card I got for my birthday
3.) 10:35 from the clock.
4.) 10 From the day on my calendar I forgot to turn
5.) 18 from an onld homework assignment
6.) 2 from my fan's control setting
7.) Read, write and speak french - A book that my cousin saved for me which I have never used.
8.) Walt Disney World - I have a bag from a gift shop from when I went there and it is taped to my wall.
9.) A No Parking sign that I bought at a 99 cent store
10.) Shrimp Pellets - for my fish.


Day CXXII: 12 words starting with the letter "Y"

Apparently it's hard to come up with words starting with "Y" so here are a dozen :D

1.) Yellow
2.) Yams
3.) Yak
4.) Yarn
5.) Yank
6.) Yell
7.) Yaz (birth control or pms medication I forget which)
8.) Yammer
9.) You
10.) Yo
11.) Yaris (by toyota)
12.) Yellow Submarine (by the beatles :D)


Day CXXI: 8 phrases with "death" in them

Let's take a look at this "deadly" subject.

1.) Death by chocolate
2.) Death to us all
3.) As cold as death
4.) I'll stab you to death
5.) To death do us part
6.) Give me liberty or give me death
7.) Death is the absence of living
8.) I'll kill you to death (LOL)


Day CXX: 6 awesome things about daylignt savings

1.) It conserves electricity
2.) a lot of electricity
3.) You get extra sleep in the winter.
4.) It gives us extra light
5.) I like setting clocks
6.) Arizona rebels against it lol :D