Day XCIV: 4 things I fear rightly

These are 4 things that I fear but with good logical reasons... or so I hope

1.) Heights - I am clumsy and fall easily this one should be obvious for me.
2.) Death - Not so much the ceasing to exist but rather what if I have a long painful death sort of thing
3.) Getting caught - Whenever I'm doing something that someone wouldn't like (an authority figure) I fear getting caught because I could and that would be bad
4.) Mayo - EWWWWWWWWWWW... this is sooo gross it scares me. Also, when I was little I had to have it on my hair for headlice it was aweful


Day XCIII: 5 sets of random letters

Maybe they'll be words someday

1.) ajodsifj
2.) ovnwoen
3.) fjownvog
4.) oqpksld
5.) pqowngvwaesidk


Day XCII: 10 persons, places, things, or ideas

These are 10 nouns I just wanted to name the list by definition...

1.) Happy - What I am generally
2.) Fan - Is it the one that spins in circles to music or the one in your window blowing air on you?
3.) Fish - I need to feed mine but have run out of food D:
4.) Abraham Lincoln - Famous president who preserved the union by freeing the slaves. He was # 16.
5.) Six - the number after five
6.) Pyramid - the shape of the ancient people's awesome burial tomb
7.) Lava Lamp - A lamp made popular in the 1970's
8.) Japan - A mystery of wonderous things
9.) Sad - Aren't you that this list is almost over?
10.) Fall - The season after summer.


Day XCI: 10 "normal" things I would like to do in the future

These are things that I want to do which are part of a "normal" life so yeah enjoy or be bored if you prefer...

(googled dorms)

1.) Go to college and live in the dorms
2.) Find out what I want to do
3.) Graduate college
4.) Get married (after many girlfriends, dates, etc.)
5.) Have children woohoo!
6.) Exercise until I'm really old
7.) Earn money at a job that I like
8.) Grow old
9.) Die
10.) Go to heaven


Day XC: 40 random words

No explanation, no picture just read.
1.) ouch
2.) tired
3.) bored
4.) Blogger
5.) repetitive
6.) four-Wheeler
7.) Beth
8.) Sarah!
9.) Smiley face
10.) :D
11.) apple pie
12.) pecan
13.) Chocolate
14.) Chips
15.) Cinnamon
16.) Carpel tunnel
17.) Cramps
18.) Cool
19.) Catchy
20.) Cosy (apparently not a word)
21.) Campbell's
22.) Chicken noodle
23.) Cartridges
24.) Cantaloupe
25.) Car
26.) Canned
27.) Carbone (my old crazy grammar teacher
28.) California
29.) Cordless
30.) Cardboard
31.) Corel (brand of dishware)
32.) cuchillo (kitchen knife in spanish)
33.) Caramba
34.) Caribou
35.) Cartoon
36.) Character
37.) Colombo
38.) caress
39.) candle
40.) curdle


Day LXXXVIV: 3 words that form a sentence

This is olympic themed... I don't know why... Analyze my feelings through comments if you wish!

1.) Bolt
2.) Ran
3.) Quickly



Since none of you faithful viewers are commenting much - understandable -, I have put a new feature on my blog - drum roll please - quick comments... Please please check the thing below to let me know whether you like it or not... THANKS

.|| Down there!
.|| (This is my crude attempt at an arrow

Day LXXXVIII: 8 things I like about being sick today

Trying to be positive. I have a sinus infection and I couldn't do anything today...

1.) I watched all my tivo's shows for me.
2.) I get to update my blogs LOL -this should be the top of the list-
3.) I'm getting better by resting
4.) I'm sad that I don't get to go to my basketball game but I don't really like the other team anyway
5.) Can anyone say facebook?
6.) My friend is sick too and I've been talking to her all day
7.) I get to watch tv all day (could be a disadvantage?)
8.) I slept really late


Day LXXXVII: 8 things that I didn't do today

1.) sleep - since I woke up I have not fallen asleep again
2.) killed myself - obviously unless I invented a robot to do my work for me
3.) feed my fish - I'll do it after I finish this post
4.) filled my tires with air - My car has been yelling at me and I keep forgetting
5.) homework - Don't have any LEGIT!
6.) made a wish - it's not 11:11 duh!
7.) drunk soda - well yeah whatev
8.) won a contest - didn't happen


Day LXXXVI: 10 things I hate about procrastination

I'm procrastinating my homework so I figured I would write this...

1.) Rushing - you have to rush if you procrastinate
2.) focus - your focus is on immediate pleasure rather than long term goals.
3.) laz-i-ness - It's a disease
4.) not getting things done - sometimes you skip a little to waste more time
5.) not getting things done well - You may do it but did you DO it?
6.) Once you start it's hard to stop
7.) The internet is distracting
8.) We live in a media-focused world
9.) I'll get to the last one later!


Day LXXXV: 8 things that air can flow through

Wow! this is strangely original but suprisingly lame!

1.) Beautiful streaming hair - the air makes it so much better
2.) Water - classic example of what air comes through
3.) PVC pipe - I'm sure this is useful to someone
4.) Blood vessels - this is the an unfortunate side effect of the bends
5.) Oil - well I guess pretty much any liquid
6.) The leaves of a tree - makes a cool sound
7.) Lungs - of any animal or sort
8.) Holes - it always finds it's way to other air


Day LXXXII: 8 Reasons I wrote one word and left it for 3 days

Were you confused by my yellow blog. I'm gonna write why I did it today.

1.) Yellow is a happy color
2.) I wanted to provoke thought
3.) I love yellow
4.) I can distinguish yellow, I'm red-green color blind.
5.) I left it for three days because I was tired, sorry
6.) I hope I didn't discourage you from reading
7.) Nos is yellow
8.) Yellow is happy


Day LXXVIV: 1 word

1.) Yellow


Day LXXXI: 7 informal greetings

These are 10 informal greeting that I use sometimes...

(I used google.com to search for what's up)

1.) Whassup?
2.) How's it going?
3.) Hi
4.) Hello
5.) Hey
6.) Good morning
7.) Hola!