7 things I am going to do tonight

1.) Finish my Spanish project for tomorrow
2.) eat something... I already had dinner but I'm sure I'll eat something else later.
3.) go for a swim :D
4.) sleep
5.) listen to music
6.) not kill anyone
7.) not look at pictures of cats


10 things I like about being @ college

I got here a few days ago. It's a pretty cool place. I just wanted to tell you 10 things I like.

1.) Freedom... Not really I did pretty much whatever I wanted at home.
2.) My room... It's pretty pimpin'
3.) Doing stuff all the time.
4.) No classes... until thursday :(
5.) Cute girls
6.) Just hanging
7.) Going wherever
8.) The delicious grapes I'm eating now.
9.) My RA (Resident Advisor I think) He's a cool guy
10.) Being alive (it's pretty fun you know)


5 things I love about my new hair and 5 things I miss about my old hair

New hair
1.) It's short and carries less weight.
2.) I can spike it up.
3.) I don't have to do much to it if I don't want to.
4.) It uses less shampoo and conditioner
5.) It's new

Old hair
1.) Waving my hair in the wind.
2.) Headbanging (not really)
3.) Running my fingers through my hair.
4.) Using lots of conditioner so I could get new stuff all the time
5.) haning upsidedown


5 songs I like to listen to loudly...

These are songs I like to listen to very loud. I don't really listen to loud music cause it hurts my ears. There are some song I like so much that it doesn't matter... so here it goes...

1.) Paralyzer - Finger 11
2.) Bodies - Drowning Pool
3.) I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry
4.) That's All - Genesis
5.) Slim Shady LP - Eminem


5 games I've been addicted to recently both online and off

I mean addicted in the most not bad way that you can lol.

1.) Maphia wars on facebook... just omg I love that game.
2.) Drag racer V3 on addicting games - wow how ironic
3.) Bioshock - so scary, so true to life, so awesome. I just love the gameplay, the story, the graphicscape, the soundscape, the voiceovers, just everything about that game makes me happy
4.) Call of duty 4 - I just love playing that game online. Call me american if you like but I love it!
5.) Notpron - Just recently got back into it. it's driving me nuts all day long. deathball.net/notpron


10 words starting with the letters la


1.) Large
2.) Lame
3.) Lamenting
4.) Lars (like the name)
5.) Lamentations
6.) Lasting
7.) ladle
8.) lala
9.) lay
10.) LAYS potato chips!!!!


10 things I did today!

I'm dropping the day thing. I've gotten sick of it. Sorry if you liked it. I'll warn you at big posts like 200 or whatever :D.

1.) Drank soda. I was at my friends' house and I drank 5 cokes and 2 pepsis while playing risk.
2.) Played risk. I came in third out of four: not that bad.
3.) Ate food. DUH!
4.) Watched "Royal Pains" from this week
5.) Slept: until like 10:30am
6.) Posted a youbtube video. I started a new show today with my friend, Ethan and my brother, Mark. check it out here ...
7.) Watched family guy. Love that show!
8.) Played halo. I played with my friend, Erik. It was super-fun!
9.) Drove my car. I had to get places somehow.
10.) Talked. I tend to do that.


Day CXXX: My top 5 fav. things about Transformers

Spoiler warning... there may be a few but go watch the movie first!

1.) The special FX - They were amazing except the last fight scene
2.) Megan Fox - Can anyway spell H-O-T? I'm not normally into this sort of degrading thing but this time ;D
3.) Transformers - They are frikkin' sweet!
4.) The Fallen being one character - I was genuinely surprised by this
5.) Megan Fox - Seriously...