Day CXIX: 18 things I like

1.) Hanging out with my friends :D
2.) Listening to good music
4.) Ice cream
5.) Waking up late on account of staying up late
6.) not being dead
7.) Being alive
8.) Buying stuff i.e. shopping
9.) Credit cards (ca-ching)
10.) Going to the gym
11.) Taking showers
12.) Sleep
13.) Gelato
14.) Sorbet
15.) Sugar
16.) Pizza
17.) eating fruit
18.) People watching


Day CXV: 18 things i can do now that I'm 18 (My bday was the 10th)

What a perfect number for america...

1.) Buy tabacco products - chew, dip, marlboro etc. I can buy them all
2.) Buy or view porn on the internet - not that I'd want to
3.) Buy stuff off the tv
4.) Open a credit card
5.) Sign up for the military
6.) Click on popup ads
7.) Start lying about my age in a reverse sense.
8.) Go to an adult jail because I've been a bad adult boy.
9.) Go to a stripper bar.
10.) Become a stripper... (not muscular enough lol)
11.) Take asprin without the risk of bad things
12.) Start an ebay account
13.) Start an 401k
14.) Work long hours without breaks
15.) Have people pretend that I'm so much better because I'm an "adult"
16.) Think that I'm an adult (hardly)
17.) Buy a gun (NRA Rox)
18.) Buy 5 hour energy shot things woot!


Day CXVI: 10 things I like about school

These are things I like about school I'm writing from here so why not...

1.) I have to be here so it's a good place to have fun!
2.) My teachers are great :D
3.) Our school day is pretty short (8-2:30)
4.) I like private school.
5.) There are fun things to do at school.
6.) I learn things (sometimes)
7.) I'm a senior so next year I won't be here.
8.) Finishing will be an accomplishment.
9.) I like math (sort of)
10.) I <3 <3 <3 Espanol!!!!


Day CXIV: 10 things I like about canada


1.) It's to the north of us
2.) The flag has a leaf on it !
3.) Maple syrup!
4.) Canadian actors are sweet
5.) It has many provinces
6.) the flag has a LEAF on it!
7.) They make things.
8.) They have their own web ending (.ca)
9.) There are animals in Canada.
10.) cigarettes are too expensive there so less people smoke :D


11 answers to what?

1.) What was the question?
2.) Perro
3.) Dead cat
4.) who?
5.) I said I'm sorry to hear your hearing has gone bad.
6.) Death
7.) Happy birthday
8.) A tiki god
9.) Baby! baby!
10.) woot
11.) What a dumb list lol!


Day CXII: 5 reasons I don't wear/like earbuds

I really don't like them so here are some reasons why...

1.) They are uncomfortable.
2.) They fall out of my ginormous ears.
3.) They supposedly damage your ear drums.
4.) If you wear some one else's you can get their diseases or bacteria ewww!
5.) You can get much better sound from real over ear headphones.
6.) Three words: APPLE MIND CONTROL!


Day CXI: 9 reasons I don't wear makeup

yup btw it's day 111

1.) I'm a boy.
2.) I'm not an actor.
3.) or a crossdresser (maybe on occasion)
4.) It hurts my face.
5.) I'm not in a coffin.
6.) My lips are red enough.
7.) I don't know how to apply it.
8.) It's not culturally correct.
9.) I'm a BOY!!!!


Day CX: 10 questions

1.) Who was it?
2.) Where did they come from?
3.) What were they doing?
4.) Why were they their?
5.) What's their alibi?
6.) Do they know latin?
7.) What it their favorite color?
8.) What motive do they have?
9.) Who wrote this weird blog post?
10.) Are you sleeping are you sleeping brother john...


Day CIX: 20 things I don't want for my birthday!

I was going to do a list of things I wanted but I thought this would be funnier...

1.) Wet hay - This is not only useless but also gross.
2.) A dead panther - Panthers should be free and if one of them died naturally I wouldn't want it.
3.) A sponge from your kitchen - do you know how many germs those things carry eww...
4.) 6 more weeks of winter - I command you to not look at your shadows today groundhogs
5.) Less sleep - I already get little enough as it is.
6.) to be dead - not yet
7.) a kitten - I would be tempted to take care of it and I don't like cats
8.) A germ-ex bath - this would hurt
9.) Spankings - anyone that tries this will be sent immediately back to jail without passing Go
10.) More disease - I have this horrible sinus infection I don't want anything else
11.) A picture of me - I'm not that vain!
12.) A book about Mongolia - sorry Mongolia I didn't mean to hurt you
13.) Paint - My walls are yellow and red and I like it
14.) a chainsaw - what on earth would I do with that? (unless there was a barbie attached)
15.) A melted hot glue stick - not very much use there
16.) A box of dog food - I don't have a dog and I'm sure I'm not eating it
17.) Homework - LOL
18.) Bribes - well maybe...
19.) A wish - I don't want to wish for anything just give me something awesome or cash
20.) A billion dollars - I only want 999,999,999 I'm not that selfish


Day CVIII: 9 red things that heat up stuff

It's feb 9th and that's the number that inspired this list !

1.) Electric stoves - Duh
2.) Hot metal - I suppose it would be green if it was copper but I'm red green colorblind so whatever and it would be red if it was iron...
3.) Red microwave ovens - We often forget that style can come to a microwave near you!
4.) Endless crowds of angry people - I just referenced one of my fav songs of all time "Harold the Barrel" by Genesis :D
5.) Fire!
6.) A very broken computer - with battery explosion issues
7.) A space heater - of the electric type
8.) A red pan - you know those pans with cooking things built into the bottom.. You don't? Well it made the list anyway so tough!
9.) A red crock pot - MMM delicious stews and chilis :D


Day CVII: 10 reasons why

1.) Why not?
2.) Because you can't come up with a better reason
3.) Because
4.) You said I could.
5.) Everyone else is doing it
6.) More than likely I'll do it anyway.
7.) Better late than never.
8.) Carpe diem
9.) *stammers*
10.) Because I want to


Day CVI: 10 reasons I'm happy today

Today is a happy day.

1.) I didn't have to go to school (I was sick)
2.) I slept till 11 or so (same reason)
3.) I did nothing all day (same reason again)
4.) My friend Ethan came over and we played guitar hero (and rehearsed for a play)
5.) I got some alone time (important to me)
6.) I ate lots of chocolate.
7.) I didn't have to do my homework yesterday
8.) We have school off tomorrow because of a teacher convention
9.) Tomorrow is friday :D
10.) I wrote in my blog today.


Day CV: 5 things I like about 01

Get it it's the reverse of 105... I know it was a dumb joke :(

1.) My friend, Jack, is #01 on our bball team He's pretty funny
2.) 01 is the second thing in binary
3.) 01 is during 6th period at school
4.) I have 01 glofish in my tank ooh
5.) It's 11:01 right NOW!


Day CIV: 10 animal names (SPANISH EDITION)

America is being overtaken by Mexicans so why not learn their language ahead of time...


1.) pato - duck
2.) gallina - hen
3.) gallo - rooster
4.) pero - dog
5.) oveja - sheep
6.) cerdo - pig or pork
7.) vaca - cow
8.) gato - cat
9.) LOLGATO - lolcat
10.) pez - fish