Day CIII: 16 words that start with "W"

I haven't done any of these this year yet so here you go. If you don't like them too bad!

(sorry the pic is soo small it's the only one I could find :() (I will eat you LOL)

1.) Woot - a site a visit every day
2.) Wall - On facebook, a place you can write
3.) Windows 7 - an operating system that is soon to be
4.) Warts - EWWW
5.) Wood - Of what my house is mainly composed.
6.) Why? - A good question word. Let you inquisitiveness rule.
7.) Wall-E - A Disney film
8.) Ward - The last name of my friend Evan.
9.) Walk - A form of mobility
10.) Wow - an expression to show awe
11.) Wario - Mario's evil twin
12.) Won - What my team did at their last basketball game.
13.) Watch - a wrist-piece I refuse to wear.
14.) Wonderball - Tons of nestle chocolate with candy shapes in side oh I wonder wonder wonder wonder whoo what's in a wonder ball? (Does anyone really know?)
15.) Word - What languages are composed of.
16.) What? This list is over? NOOOOOO


Day CII: 25 random things about myself

Just cause you asked... you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you...

1.) I visit woot.com almsot daily
2.) I love to play maphia wars and dope wars on facebook :D
3.) I like facebook better than myspace
4.) I want to learn to be fluent in spanish
5.) and some other language maybe french
6.) I always sleep with a fan on.
7.) I'm not listening to music right now.
8.) I want to have a family when I'm older.
9.) Being rich would be cool but I think I'd rather be famous.
10.) I'm going to be 18 years old in 12 days
11.) I'm interested in medical things
12.) I'm not into guys
13.) I prefer duffel bags to suitcases
14.) My backpack is from LLBean the best company for bags ever
15.) I'm taking 3 ap courses this year and hopefully passing the exam for all three.
16.) I love candy esp chocolate
17.) Sometimes people annoy me but I try to be patient
18.) I'm a horrible speller
19.) I think Daniel Webster is a cool name
20.) Shiny things amuse me.
21.) I'm a technofile
22.) Wikipedia is the god of knowledge
23.) Sometimes I stretch myself too far
24.) I'm not good at transfering 2-D pictures into 3-d things like instruction manuals
25.) I finished this in under 7 minutes :D


Day CI: 101 things I'm going to say in this blog post

WOOHOO 101 so now 101 things I'm justgoing to randomly say...

1.) 101 is a cool thing
2.) I'm so tired
3.) I've never written a romantic letter
4.) Typing is faster than writing for me.
5.) Lobster is gross.
6.) []'s are cool becuase they are underused
7.) I like my guitar hero drum sticks
8.) Strawberries are delicious
9.) CHEESE (I'm on a cheese kick for some reason)
10.) Opening doors for ladies is proper.
11.) Basketball is my favorite sport.
12.) Garage doors are cool...
13.) Fashion should be paid attention to but in your own personal way
14.) Pink is a color.
15.) Christmas is a holiday.
16.) Golden letters look cool.
17.) I never want to smoke.
18.) Haircuts are fun.
19.) Check yes juliet!
20.) Sarah is the name of my friend.
21.) Beth is also my friend.
22.) Jenn is also my friend.
23.) I <3 facebook.
24.) I have bose speakers in my living room even thought I don't really like them.
25.) Marriage is a wonderful thing
26.) I'm not very good at typing the number keys
27.) DDR is amazing (dance dance revolution)
28.) Don't worry! Be happy!
29.) Carpe diem
30.) I have a slingbox and it's cool.
31.) I use the work "cool" too much
32.) Pillows are nice for sleeping.
33.) It's hard to type 100 random things.
34.) I hate ticking clocks when I'm trying to sleep.
35.) I'm glad that the sun exists.
36.) I hope that I don't have school tomorrow.
37.) It's supposed to snow a lot tomorrow.
38.) I have basketball practice tonight.
39.) Guitar hero is super-fun.
40.) 99 red balloons go by
41.) Windows 7 Rox
42.) PS3 and Wii are the modern systems I own.
43.) Landlines will soon not exist.
44.) I guess I just lost my husband I don't know where he went... So what I'm still a rockstar I've got my rock moves...
45.) I know all the words to I kissed a girl by katy perry and I like it
46.) Darth Vader is cool
47.) Sleep is fun
48.) It's 4:01 pm
49.) Usb ports are cool
50.) I don't wear a watch
51.) I like 80's music
52.) I would like to have a hedgehog as a pet
53.) It's now 11:33pm and I should go to bed (Hah! bed)
54.) I like strobe lights
55.) I don't really like macs as home computers I see them as great for editing but others may disagree.
56.) I don't like myspace as much as facebook
57.) I love classical music (Chopin and Mozart are my favs)
58.) I'm looking at my fish (My only pets)
59.) I use the internet almost every day
60.) I can type at 60 wpmish
61.) Wpmish isn't a word apparently
62.) I use firefox.
63.) I don't use the caps lock key that often
64.) Beta testing is fun
65.) I'm not sure how good our new president will be
66.) Sickness is not fun.
67.) Klipsh is a good brand of speakers
68.) I'm a little bizzare.
69.) I don't use periods consistently in this post.
70.) or tenses of verbs
71.) I want to study Spanish in College
72.) I will be attending ORU next year
73.) I know a little HTML and JavaScript
74.) I have a Temper Pedic bed
75.) I'm pretty sure it is calling me to sleep audibly
76.) I hope to write in my blog every day possible except Sundays that's my day off.
77.) I'm a Christian.
78.) I use AIM
79.) I eat potatoes
80.) I'm running out of random.
81.) Zebras are cool animals
82.) I have a zune rather than an ipod because I'm rebelling against ipod and I like zune better
83.) I love Canon cameras
84.) I've never been to Japan
85.) I've never had a cast or broken bone.
86.) I like wood as a material for building.
87.) Going green isn't a bad idea but I'm on the fence on being fanatical about it.
88.) I don't ever want to become vegan or vegetarian.
89.) I love to know random facts.
90.) I'm hungry.
91.) We had a hard basketball practice today.
92.) I like to be funny
93.) I'm sometimes not good at telling jokes but pretty good at stories.
94.) Dashboard is a cool word
95.) I'm almost done
96.) Most of these things are self-centered.
97.) I've never sparked a wintergreen lifesaver in my mouth
98.) I've never licked a sparkplug.
99.) I wouldn't want to be a pirate.
100.) This is the 100th thing on the list.
101.) Thanks for reading if you skipped you missed some cool stuff


Day C: 100 posts :D

I have officially written 100 posts *party party*
I haven't been writing in sooo long (to find out but I found out she was a daytripper one way ticket yeah...) so anyway here some things that I've been doing in a random numbered list instead of posting

1.) Being sick
2.) 24 = awesome
3.) Basketball :D
4.) Scholarship competition - I flew down to Oklahoma
5.) School - ugh
6.) Finals - double ugh
7.) Sleeping AH awesome :D


Day XCIX: 5 presidents

This is a list of the first five presidents *Shazam* from memory! Sorry, I'm feeling lazy because post 101 will be a beast!

1.) Washington - on the dollar bill and the quarter
2.) Adams
3.) Jefferson - On the nickel
4.) Madison
5.) Monroe


Day XCVIII: 5 things I'm craving right now

These are 5 things I'm craving... I'm like wicked hungry

1.) Cheez-Its - yes that's how you spell it I have a box that I'm about to indulge in
2.) Chicken and Sausage Creme Rosa from a restaurant that I really like - It's chicken and sausage and penne pasta in a creme rosa sauce.
3.) Chocolate cake - moist and delicious
4.) Pecan pie - we have some downstairs but I don't want sugar this late at night
5.) Steak - Applebee's would be good :D


Day XCVII: Handheldish Electronic name

I've been naming all my electronic devices... here are their names now

1.) I named my computer Franklin Price. I searched for touchable and came up with the name by searching touchable (I have a tablet PC on google) and saw this website here There was a name on the website J. Franklin- Pryce so there we go :D.

2.) I named my phone Sid because it has a flame for a background and I was thinking of the bad character from Toy Story.

3.) I'm naming my Sandisk player (4gb refurb) Sam because it's little, reliable, and gender neutral. I mostly use it when I'm working out or whatever cause it's really tiny and was only 30 dollars.

4.) I'm naming my Zune Shaun because I have a lot of Psych episodes on there and I love the main character Shaun from that show even though he may spell it differently...

5.) I'm naming my ds Mario because Nintendo loves Franchises

6.) I'm naming my Palm Pilot Todo (like from Wizard of Oz) because it holds my to do lists and can help me find my way back to Kansas.

7.) I'm lastly naming my PSP Lazurus because I broke the screen but hopefully I will help it to rise from the dead some day.


Day XCVI: 5 things that I'm using my time to get better at

Hooray things I want to be better at/ am trying to get better at.

1.) Guitar hero - or guitar games in general - guitar hero, rockband, whatever
2.) DDR - Dance dance revolution for you noobs out there. I <3 this game. One of my goals for 2009 is to beat all the songs on expert except for the last one. I've only got three or four beaten right now I'm mostly on difficult. So, wish me good luck.
3.) Maphia wars - This facebook/myspace game sort of takes over my life. I want to be level 99, right now I'm 34.
4.) French - I'd love to devote more time to doing french rosetta stone. We'll see what happens.
5.) Identifying/ randomly singing songs - This is part of the reason I listen to pop music. I want to randomly sing a song and have people be easily able to identify it :D and or recognize songs on the radio easily. I have a "zune pass" which is like rhapsody or any other subscriptioned music service only you get to keep 10 songs a month :D.


Day XCV: 5 Fashion sins for the new year

My new years resolution is that I'd like to see less people doing these things. Thanks!

1.) Camo - This is a total fashion sin unless you are hunting!
2.) Socks and sandles - Why people why? If your feet are cold wear shoes.
3.) Men wearing women's jeans - I know that they are comfortable or whatever but they are in the girl's section for a reason.
4.) Pleats - buy flatfronts enough said
5.) Klunky high heels - wear flats if you "can't" wear real heals please ladies