Day CIII: 16 words that start with "W"

I haven't done any of these this year yet so here you go. If you don't like them too bad!

(sorry the pic is soo small it's the only one I could find :() (I will eat you LOL)

1.) Woot - a site a visit every day
2.) Wall - On facebook, a place you can write
3.) Windows 7 - an operating system that is soon to be
4.) Warts - EWWW
5.) Wood - Of what my house is mainly composed.
6.) Why? - A good question word. Let you inquisitiveness rule.
7.) Wall-E - A Disney film
8.) Ward - The last name of my friend Evan.
9.) Walk - A form of mobility
10.) Wow - an expression to show awe
11.) Wario - Mario's evil twin
12.) Won - What my team did at their last basketball game.
13.) Watch - a wrist-piece I refuse to wear.
14.) Wonderball - Tons of nestle chocolate with candy shapes in side oh I wonder wonder wonder wonder whoo what's in a wonder ball? (Does anyone really know?)
15.) Word - What languages are composed of.
16.) What? This list is over? NOOOOOO

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