Day XCVI: 5 things that I'm using my time to get better at

Hooray things I want to be better at/ am trying to get better at.

1.) Guitar hero - or guitar games in general - guitar hero, rockband, whatever
2.) DDR - Dance dance revolution for you noobs out there. I <3 this game. One of my goals for 2009 is to beat all the songs on expert except for the last one. I've only got three or four beaten right now I'm mostly on difficult. So, wish me good luck.
3.) Maphia wars - This facebook/myspace game sort of takes over my life. I want to be level 99, right now I'm 34.
4.) French - I'd love to devote more time to doing french rosetta stone. We'll see what happens.
5.) Identifying/ randomly singing songs - This is part of the reason I listen to pop music. I want to randomly sing a song and have people be easily able to identify it :D and or recognize songs on the radio easily. I have a "zune pass" which is like rhapsody or any other subscriptioned music service only you get to keep 10 songs a month :D.

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