10 things I did today!

I'm dropping the day thing. I've gotten sick of it. Sorry if you liked it. I'll warn you at big posts like 200 or whatever :D.

1.) Drank soda. I was at my friends' house and I drank 5 cokes and 2 pepsis while playing risk.
2.) Played risk. I came in third out of four: not that bad.
3.) Ate food. DUH!
4.) Watched "Royal Pains" from this week
5.) Slept: until like 10:30am
6.) Posted a youbtube video. I started a new show today with my friend, Ethan and my brother, Mark. check it out here ...
7.) Watched family guy. Love that show!
8.) Played halo. I played with my friend, Erik. It was super-fun!
9.) Drove my car. I had to get places somehow.
10.) Talked. I tend to do that.


Day CXXX: My top 5 fav. things about Transformers

Spoiler warning... there may be a few but go watch the movie first!

1.) The special FX - They were amazing except the last fight scene
2.) Megan Fox - Can anyway spell H-O-T? I'm not normally into this sort of degrading thing but this time ;D
3.) Transformers - They are frikkin' sweet!
4.) The Fallen being one character - I was genuinely surprised by this
5.) Megan Fox - Seriously...


Day CXXIX: What's been going on in my life recently list of 10 things

I've had a busy life...

1.) Finals
2.) Graduation
3.) Senor Slideshow
4.) Graduation Speech
5.) My grandparents are visiting
6.) Long paper due at school
7.) Long project due at school
8.) Eating
9.) sleeping
10.) lacking personal hygiene because of lack of sleep :(