Day XCIV: 4 things I fear rightly

These are 4 things that I fear but with good logical reasons... or so I hope

1.) Heights - I am clumsy and fall easily this one should be obvious for me.
2.) Death - Not so much the ceasing to exist but rather what if I have a long painful death sort of thing
3.) Getting caught - Whenever I'm doing something that someone wouldn't like (an authority figure) I fear getting caught because I could and that would be bad
4.) Mayo - EWWWWWWWWWWW... this is sooo gross it scares me. Also, when I was little I had to have it on my hair for headlice it was aweful


Day XCIII: 5 sets of random letters

Maybe they'll be words someday

1.) ajodsifj
2.) ovnwoen
3.) fjownvog
4.) oqpksld
5.) pqowngvwaesidk


Day XCII: 10 persons, places, things, or ideas

These are 10 nouns I just wanted to name the list by definition...

1.) Happy - What I am generally
2.) Fan - Is it the one that spins in circles to music or the one in your window blowing air on you?
3.) Fish - I need to feed mine but have run out of food D:
4.) Abraham Lincoln - Famous president who preserved the union by freeing the slaves. He was # 16.
5.) Six - the number after five
6.) Pyramid - the shape of the ancient people's awesome burial tomb
7.) Lava Lamp - A lamp made popular in the 1970's
8.) Japan - A mystery of wonderous things
9.) Sad - Aren't you that this list is almost over?
10.) Fall - The season after summer.


Day XCI: 10 "normal" things I would like to do in the future

These are things that I want to do which are part of a "normal" life so yeah enjoy or be bored if you prefer...

(googled dorms)

1.) Go to college and live in the dorms
2.) Find out what I want to do
3.) Graduate college
4.) Get married (after many girlfriends, dates, etc.)
5.) Have children woohoo!
6.) Exercise until I'm really old
7.) Earn money at a job that I like
8.) Grow old
9.) Die
10.) Go to heaven


Day XC: 40 random words

No explanation, no picture just read.
1.) ouch
2.) tired
3.) bored
4.) Blogger
5.) repetitive
6.) four-Wheeler
7.) Beth
8.) Sarah!
9.) Smiley face
10.) :D
11.) apple pie
12.) pecan
13.) Chocolate
14.) Chips
15.) Cinnamon
16.) Carpel tunnel
17.) Cramps
18.) Cool
19.) Catchy
20.) Cosy (apparently not a word)
21.) Campbell's
22.) Chicken noodle
23.) Cartridges
24.) Cantaloupe
25.) Car
26.) Canned
27.) Carbone (my old crazy grammar teacher
28.) California
29.) Cordless
30.) Cardboard
31.) Corel (brand of dishware)
32.) cuchillo (kitchen knife in spanish)
33.) Caramba
34.) Caribou
35.) Cartoon
36.) Character
37.) Colombo
38.) caress
39.) candle
40.) curdle


Day LXXXVIV: 3 words that form a sentence

This is olympic themed... I don't know why... Analyze my feelings through comments if you wish!

1.) Bolt
2.) Ran
3.) Quickly



Since none of you faithful viewers are commenting much - understandable -, I have put a new feature on my blog - drum roll please - quick comments... Please please check the thing below to let me know whether you like it or not... THANKS

.|| Down there!
.|| (This is my crude attempt at an arrow

Day LXXXVIII: 8 things I like about being sick today

Trying to be positive. I have a sinus infection and I couldn't do anything today...

1.) I watched all my tivo's shows for me.
2.) I get to update my blogs LOL -this should be the top of the list-
3.) I'm getting better by resting
4.) I'm sad that I don't get to go to my basketball game but I don't really like the other team anyway
5.) Can anyone say facebook?
6.) My friend is sick too and I've been talking to her all day
7.) I get to watch tv all day (could be a disadvantage?)
8.) I slept really late


Day LXXXVII: 8 things that I didn't do today

1.) sleep - since I woke up I have not fallen asleep again
2.) killed myself - obviously unless I invented a robot to do my work for me
3.) feed my fish - I'll do it after I finish this post
4.) filled my tires with air - My car has been yelling at me and I keep forgetting
5.) homework - Don't have any LEGIT!
6.) made a wish - it's not 11:11 duh!
7.) drunk soda - well yeah whatev
8.) won a contest - didn't happen


Day LXXXVI: 10 things I hate about procrastination

I'm procrastinating my homework so I figured I would write this...

1.) Rushing - you have to rush if you procrastinate
2.) focus - your focus is on immediate pleasure rather than long term goals.
3.) laz-i-ness - It's a disease
4.) not getting things done - sometimes you skip a little to waste more time
5.) not getting things done well - You may do it but did you DO it?
6.) Once you start it's hard to stop
7.) The internet is distracting
8.) We live in a media-focused world
9.) I'll get to the last one later!


Day LXXXV: 8 things that air can flow through

Wow! this is strangely original but suprisingly lame!

1.) Beautiful streaming hair - the air makes it so much better
2.) Water - classic example of what air comes through
3.) PVC pipe - I'm sure this is useful to someone
4.) Blood vessels - this is the an unfortunate side effect of the bends
5.) Oil - well I guess pretty much any liquid
6.) The leaves of a tree - makes a cool sound
7.) Lungs - of any animal or sort
8.) Holes - it always finds it's way to other air


Day LXXXII: 8 Reasons I wrote one word and left it for 3 days

Were you confused by my yellow blog. I'm gonna write why I did it today.

1.) Yellow is a happy color
2.) I wanted to provoke thought
3.) I love yellow
4.) I can distinguish yellow, I'm red-green color blind.
5.) I left it for three days because I was tired, sorry
6.) I hope I didn't discourage you from reading
7.) Nos is yellow
8.) Yellow is happy


Day LXXVIV: 1 word

1.) Yellow


Day LXXXI: 7 informal greetings

These are 10 informal greeting that I use sometimes...

(I used google.com to search for what's up)

1.) Whassup?
2.) How's it going?
3.) Hi
4.) Hello
5.) Hey
6.) Good morning
7.) Hola!


Day LXXIX: 6 things I like about this image

This is an image... Here are 6 things I like about it

1.) It freaks out people
2.) The fish is covered in dirt
3.) The image is well framed
4.) The eye stares up as if to say, "Why?"
5.) The fish's coloring is grand
6.) The tail looks like it is too tiny

Day L



Day LXXVIII: 9 Light sources I can see from where I am sitting

Once again I am in my living room. These are the lights I can see

1.) The Lamp hung on the ceiling - it's one of those chandelier type of things.
2.) my laptop - it's battery will shine on forever
3.) the reflection from the tv - I can see the chandelier reflecting in the tv which is blank
4.) LED - I can see 2 led's on my sling box.
5.) More LED - I can see the led's on my router reflecting off my ps3
6.) More More LED - I can see the led on my ps3
7.) clock - The clock on my dvr also is lighted
8.) Kitchen - I can see the light on my kitchen cabinets.
9.) Guitar hero - I can see the light reflecting off of my guitar hero controller buttons


Day LXXVII: 5 board/card games that I own and like

I like board games and these are a few of my favorites... check them out

1.) Monopoly - CLASSIC and that sounds cheesy I know
2.) Pay Day - a little kids game but a good one nonetheless
3.) Baulderdash - a game of funny word definitions
4.) Rook - the colors and card number, the strategy wonderful
5.) Cranium - A creative game for all ages


Day LXXVI: 12 +2 steps to making cookies that I made from scratch

We made these from scratch and they are not half bad. They are lemon-maple cookies

1.) Melt 2 sticks of butter (we used 1 stick butter and 2/3rds stick of margerine because that's all we had
2.) While it's melting blend one cup sugar with 1/4 cup maple syrup
3.) Add sugar to butter mixture
4.) add 1tsp vanilla (from mexico or south america if possible)
5.) add a pinch of salt
6.) add 2 eggs
7.) add 1 tsp of baking powder
7.) add 4 half cups of flour. Do not reduce!
8.) add another 1/3 cup of maple syrup.
9.) add 1 drop of every food dye you own.
10.) Bake at 350 for 7-10 minutes or until your liking
11.) frost and eat
12.) Post positive comments on my blog for these awesome cookies

1.) Mix powdered sugar (we made ours in our magic bullet) with lemon juice
2.) Make it the right consistency. it should be spreadable but not runny


Day LXXV: 6 "baby" word

I hate it when people use these but this is a list so that you can avoid them.

1.) Ba-ba - It's a fricken bottle! not a ba ba or boo boo or anything like that. It is a bottle and should be called as such.
2.) S'keties - Yes, I know that kids will say things wrongly but try to teach them correctly instead of encouraging the negative.
3.) S'ketie-O's - These are a derivative of s'keties but they are gross disgusting and probably deserve the baby abbreviation but, alas, unessisarry.
4.) Any repeated baby words - Don't say them back... They are not funny if you say them. Get your baby to say it on video tape if you care that much.
5.) The teletubbies - These do not encourage language skills but rather demean the English language. I love that they can do all their noises to express what they are feeling. This is a good job on the actors part but do not let your kids watch this.
6.) E'Oh - The word for hello on teletubbies !!!!! Don't listen to anyone named tinky-winky, dipsy, la-la, or po.


Day LXXIV: 7 types of fair food that I enjoy

These are random foods that I like

1.) Taffy - Who doesn't like teeth-rot?
2.) Sausage - You went to the fair without getting a sausage *slap*?
3.) Cheese fries - These caloric goodies have my heart screaming and my stomach in heaven
4.) Cotton candy - SuGAR SUGAR!
5.) I used to like corn dogs - Then I threw up eating them and the *shiver* I won't tell you the rest...
6.) Blooming onions - A tradition... They taste good and not too much batter...
7.) Ketchup - mmm... ketchup


day LXXIII: 8 things that I did today

Today was a long day. Here were the 8 highlights!

(our spaghetti didn't look as fancy as this but it got the job done)

1.) I woke up - I forgot to set my alarm so my brother awakened me.
2.) I went to school - We had a super-extra-long drama class today because we only have 4 more practices or something and it took up all of my classes and I was satisfied
3.) I baked cookies - We did this during community service block (my school has one built in) for the teachers. Mrs. Bemis, a parent who is very involved in the school, didn't like my abstract cookie designs - they were sugar cookies-.
4.) I called my parents - They are in Athens... So I called them because there is a 6 or 7 hour time difference.
5.) I went to the mall - I went to two stores
6.) I bought shoes - They are nike slip on sneaker sort of things. I thought they were 30 dollars and they ended up being only 20 dollars
7.) I fed homeless people - We went to the salvation army with my youth group and made spaghetti for the people living the the halfway house. It was really a good time.
8.) I went to dinner - I was invited to eat with them. I would have liked to but I had already planned to go to dinner with my grandparents. We went with them to a chinese buffet and it was good. I ate all my food - including ice cream - with my chop sticks!


Day LXXII: 6 that's what she saids

OH! That's what she said!

1.) You need to put that thing in there.
2.) You look dead.
3.) I can't sit down today
4.) You're ugly
5.) Why did you even bother?
6.) Hahahahaha


Day LXXI: 6 things I like to do

I like them all and so therefore they are a list.

1.) Write this blog - I love doing it so I do almost every day
2.) Play guitar hero - Really really fun and addictive I recommend it
3.) Play ddr - even more fun than guitar hero and it's like exercise too
4.) Play Basketball - Also another one of my enjoyments
5.) Watch good movies - Doesn't everybody
6.) Listen to music that I like - Once again who doesn't?


Day LXX: 10 things that I can see where I am sitting

I am in my living/media room so this shouldn't be hard

1.) The new guitar hero controller - It works better once you get used to it
2.) The drums from guitar hero wt: They broke in a sad way and now I can't return them because I don't have the receipt :(
3.) DDR Dance pad - It's like my favorite game ever I should be getting two more in the mail.
4.) An AK Rocker - They sold/sell these at best buy they are very comfortable
5.) My slingbox - If you don't know what it is wikipedia! It's amazing
6.) Fuzzy blankets - They are the best.
7.) A logitech harmony remote - The second best thing to having a media center full of wires and equipment is being able to control it.
8.) A nintendo gamecube controller - I use these to play wii weird huh?
9.) A glass of water - not mine but I'm going to get one
10.) A keyboard - How else would I type?


Day LXIX: 10 good things about PS3

I own one and these are 10 great features about it

1.) Free online with the playstation network. It seems to work just as well as live and has no subscription fee
2.) A cheap blu ray disc player - If you have an HDTV as I do you will definitely want one of these since hd-dvd is down the drain.
3.) Playstation 3 exclusives - If you like games like metal gear, littlebigplanet or other great playstations exclusives it's great
4.) Great network compatibility - You can just turn windows media player so sharing is on and PS3 will auto-recognise it
5.) The XMB - This is the cross media bar it is so easy to navigate unlike microsoft's broken system
6.) It's now pretty cheap at only 399
7.) A built in hdd - It's 80 gigs now even though mine is only 40 this is a fair amount of space for music video and game storage
8.) Compatibility with PSP - I also have one of these that I acquired recently. You can do remote play or easily transfer data both ways.
9.) Yellowdog - You can install other operating systems such as yellowdog or ubuntu on your ps3 SWEET!
10.) The controller - The slight tweeks from ps2 make it amazingly good


Day LXVIII: 11 letters of the english alphabet and random words that they stand for

Wow! this is completely random... HOORAY RANDOMNESS!

1.) a - The first letter of the alphabet stands for Alcon - a brand of contact cleaning solution
2.) f - This could stand for a lot of things but I picked Ferrari - fast cars = hottt
3.) q - This stands for qwertyuiop - the top row on the keyboard
4.) k - This stands for kankles which is where you don't know where the calf ends and the ankle begins on a woman or possibly a man - from family guy
5.) o - This means OMG - OH MY GOODNESS this website is awesome!
6.) u - This stands for uvula - the dangly thing in your throat
7.) v - This stands for venus - the second planet from our sun
8.) i - This stands for I as in I love this blog (yes I am brainwashing you)
9.) z - the last letter of this alphabet stands for zebra of course the striped aminal with no spots
10.) g - This stands for Gorilla Glue which never comes undone
11.) 1 this stands for 1334 or leet meaning computer speak


Day LXVII:11 things in my refrigerator/freezer

I have these in my refrigerator. YUP!

1.) Vitamin water - My favorite Drink
2.) Milk - Good for healthy bones
3.) V8 fruit Juice - My brother and my mom love this stuff I can't really get to like it but whatever
4.) Chocolate milk - absolutely delicious
5.) Frozen pizza - a staple food in every man's life
6.) Ben and Jerry's ice cream - Only the best from vermont
7.) Cheese - This is my second vice only to chocolate I love cheese!
8.) Ham - Good sandwich combo with cheese
9.) Jelly - Good on toast
10.) Poland springs - My favorite brand of water
11.) Bagel bites - also good for me like frozen pizza.


Day LXVI: 6 things that are not dead

I figured 6 things on the 66th day would not be a bad omen or anything...

(me as paris hilton)

1.) Me - Just checked my pulse and my eyes are working and the keyboard is typing so yes.
2.) God - I don't think He even can die
3.) My laptop - She is alive and well I have avast! antivirus and do not torrent anymore
4.) My mom - I can hear her voice from the other room.
5.) My fish - I can see them moving, floating, being fish in my tank about a meter from me.
6.) Chivalry - Take note of this caballeros - gents in Spanish I just think that it is a cool word because it means horsemen - please be GENTLEMEN don't just go there to use the restroom. And Ladies act ladylike and expect gentlemanly behavior in return.


Day LXV: The Romans Road

This is the Romans Road to salvation in my religion it contains several steps so why not a good blog poast.

"The first verse on the Romans Road to salvation is Romans 3:23, "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God." We have all sinned. We have all done things that are displeasing to God. There is no one who is innocent. Romans 3:10-18 gives a detailed picture of what sin looks like in our lives. The second Scripture on the Romans Road to salvation, Romans 6:23, teaches us about the consequences of sin - "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." The punishment that we have earned for our sins is death. Not just physical death, but eternal death!

The third verse on the Romans road to salvation picks up where Romans 6:23 left off, "but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Romans 5:8 declares, "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Jesus Christ died for us! Jesus' death paid for the price of our sins. Jesus' resurrection proves that God accepted Jesus' death as the payment for our sins.

The fourth stop on the Romans road to salvation is Romans 10:9, "that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." Because of Jesus' death on our behalf, all we have to do is believe in Him, trusting His death as the payment for our sins - and we will be saved! Romans 10:13 says it again, "for everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Jesus died to pay the penalty for our sins and rescue us from eternal death. Salvation, the forgiveness of sins, is available to anyone who will trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The final aspect of the Romans road to salvation is the results of salvation. Romans 5:1 has this wonderful message, "Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." Through Jesus Christ we can have a relationship of peace with God. Romans 8:1 teaches us, "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." Because of Jesus' death on our behalf, we will never be condemned for our sins. Finally, we have this precious promise of God from Romans 8:38-39, "For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Sorry I quoted this from a website and forgot what it was. umm if anyone does please comment it!


Day LXIV: 5 people I would/ 5 people I wouldn't like to see in my grilled cheese

Everyone has heard about the Virgin Mary grilled cheese if not a picture is below. These are 5 people I would and 5 people I wouldn't like to see in my grilled cheese sandwich.


1.) Stephen Colbert - He will eventually take over America with his witty news cast anyway.
2.) The playboy bunny - Wouldn't that be funny?
3.) Any of my close friends - I would love to see them immortalized in toast
4.) Steve Jobs - I don't really care for macs that much but if he was on my toast I would really like it.
5.) The god of rock from guitar hero - I love this game!


1.) Jack Black - His acting annoys me... What can I say?
2.) Rick Duba - He is my principal not really that fun for my toast
3.) Barak Obama - His smile creeps me out.
4.) Beevis or Butthead - Duh! NO!
5.) Marylin Manson - Then I might have to kill myself.


Day LXIII: 8 red things

Sorry I didn't post yesterday I was at an all night thing with my youth group and didn't have time...

1.) Apples - I love the crunchy kind the red delicious.
2.) Blood - MMM... Tastes like chicken (I know it's a horrible cliche)
3.) Some tootbrushes - Mine is pink but some are red and some are red with blood from over-brushing
4.) Christmas lights - I don't want to complain but seriously who told wal mart it's Christmas?
5.) Leaves - In the fall they turn this color along with yellow and all sorts of shades of brown
6.) Underwear - Some people wear red undies. Today I am wearing blue but red is a good color. It's sexy or something..
7.) Cars - It has been said that red is the most popular color. "By Whom?" you ask. I would have to answer exactly...
8.) Cats with paint on them - I don't think I've ever seen a cat with naturally red hair but tempra paints make an excellent dye for your white pussy.


Day LXII: 7 Pets that my family has had/has


1.) Fresh water fish - My mother and I each have a tank currently. They die all the time but are easily replaced
2.) Salt water fish - My brother has these. They are more expensive.
3.) 2 hampsters - One named brownie that I don't remember and one named Rex or something that my brother had. He died from some disease.
4.) A parakeet - His name was Ralph. He had an unfortunate incident. He tried to fly though a door as it was closing. He had to be put down because he was pretty much dead anyway.
5.) A cockatiel - Still have him now his name is Queso (Cheese in spanish) he is yellow and that is why he is named this. His poop is huge compared to the parakeet
6.) A mutt dog - His name was Rocky. He was not fearless like Rocky however. He would bark at anything! We put him down a few years ago because he leaked EWW!
7.) A turtle - My dad used to pick them up off the road and we would keep them for a few days and then release them into the wild.


Day LXI: 9 items I regularly buy at the convenience store

These are 9 things that I buy regularly at convenience stores

1.) Soda's (Wild cherry pepsi is what I'm craving right now)
2.) Chips - Doritos are a fav. of mine
3.) Candy bars - UH... DuH this is what they invented irving blue canoe for!
4.) Truffles - 25 cents at the counter can't go wrong
5.) N.O.S. - Not the kind for your car. The energy drink its the only one I can stand. One of these will keep me going all night long!
6.) Vitamin Water - This delicious goodness came into my life about a year or two ago and has been my obsession ever since
7.) Ice cream - I usually buy the orange push pops for 50 cents!
8.) Hot dogs - I know they sound gross but they taste great!
9.) Slushies - Ice plus coke flavoring = a must have


Day LX: 9 animals that I have seen dead

Yup! I think I already did this but okay whatever...

1.) Squirrels
2.) Chipmunks
3.) Turtles
4.) A fox
5.) A human
6.) A cat
7.) A bird
8.) An armadillo
9.) A beaver


Day LVIX: 5 words that start with en

Wow! This topic is so controversial! (with a deep tone of sarcasm)

1.) English - This is my native tongue. I hope to some day master Spanish.
2.) Enter - A lot of places are do not's for me especially because I am under both 21 and 18
3.) Entire - My blog is full of entirely original ideas
4.) Encapsulate - What a dissolvable outside does to the contents of a pill
5.) Enterprise - A place that rents cars.


Day LVIII:6 things I don't want to recycle

These are all things that are not worth recycling to me.

1.) Shower Water - I saw something that recycles this on tv today and that is what inspired this list
2.) Towels - I can't use one two days in a row. It's gross.
3.) Food - I really don't like compost piles
4.) Bodies - I think this is gross in the first place I would never be a mortician
5.) Things that cost more to recycle than to get rid of - It makes no sense if it takes less money to make something new why recycle.
6.) Things that take hours of my time to do - If I have to go far away to recycle something I won't do it


Day LVII: 6 things that can make a grown man cry

Sorry I did not post yesterday, but not to fear today's post is especially great.

1.) The birth of a child - his own obviously
2.) The death of a loved one - especially a spouse or parent
3.) A woman cleaning his wounds - Have you ever seen any movie where a man gets hurt. He can have anything happen to him sword, spear, you name it but he will invariably not flinch until the woman is cleaning his wounds.
4.) Penile cancer - all you men out there. You know you were thinking it I just said it...
5.) Death - most men would rather cry than die except for Chuck Norris who is impervious to both
6.) Sappy Movies - JUST KIDDING these actually make most men laugh. The reason we laugh is because we don't understand you women. We have no other weapon in our arsenal except laughing. Don't be offended.


Day LVI: 7 extinct animals

These were but are no longer. Enjoi!

(Falkland Island Wolf[see #2])

1.) The Guam flying fox
2.) The Falkland Island Fox
3.) The dodo bird
4.) The Labrador Duck
5.) The Western Black Rhino
6.) The Quagga - You really should check this one out it looks like half horse half zebra wow!
7.) Baiji - A dolphin found only in China.


Day LV: 5 countries that I've been to

There are 5 countries that I've been to. They were different

1.) The United States - I live here in New Hampshire
2.) Canada - It's 3 hours away I went there once for a fair or something
3.) Mexico - It's 3 hours by plane and I love to barter for stuff. I also like the ocean.
4.) Jamaica - We went there for vacation and I got my scuba license.
5.) Ghana - We went there for a missions trip it was different.


Day LIV: 7 sentances about death

There are many unknowns when it comes to death and I just wanted to tell you 7 things I thought about death.

1.) I do not want to face death.
2.) I am curious about death
3.) I am glad to be not dead
4.) I always wonder about life after death... (I am a christian but there are still many unanswered questions)
5.) Each day further into life brings us closer to death.
6.) Death could happen to anyone at any time. (only God knows)
7.) What is death? (I know that your physical body stops but what else?)


Day LIII: 10 foods I love

I decided to do the opposite of yesterday

1.) Macaroni and cheese - What can I say simply delicious
2.) Pizza - especially white pizza. I just love pizza!!!!
3.) Ice cream - Any flavor except Coffee
4.) Chocolate - anything up to 70% dark... My favorite is bittersweet and hershey's special dark.
5.) After dinner mints - I ate almost a whole package of these once and got kind of sick but it was worth it
6.) Sponge bob squarepants gummy crabby patties - mmmm... Gummy goodness and branded stuff its great!
7.) Doritos - That's right Doritos are gr8
8.) Candy buttons - They are half paper half sugar. They are amazing as well.
9.) Hershey's caramel kisses - Caramel and chocolate together is good
10.) Smoothies - Fruity goodness in every bite...


Day LII: 10 foods that I don't like

Well these are 10 foods that I definitely detest.

(excuse me for taking you back to the 90's with a gif but I think it's awesome!)

1.) Fish (except fish sticks) - I cannot stand fish in any form whether it be sushi, salmon, cod, etc. I have tried to like it so many times but the only thing that is good to me is fish sticks which are probably just fish eyes anyway but whatev.
2.) Other seafoods - I have tried like shellfish, lobster etc. and I don't like it. I have even tried octopus (twice) EWWWW! I did like, however, fried scallops so I guess that is an exception.
3.) Mustard - Ground up seed that taste like butt. No thanks
4.) The Barbecue sauce that my dad eats - First of all, my dad loves wishbone barbecue sauce so he loads (I do mean in heaps) it on his food drowning out the flavor all together but also it is gross. I like some barbecue sauces in moderation.
5.) Mayonnaise - What do I have to say? It's gross! The only use for it is curing lice.
6.) Coffee - I've tried it so many times it's not even funny. My friends are like, "Try this coffee it's the best ever" or "Mocha doesn't even taste like coffee" Oh! you lying lying fools. I hate it all!
7.) Tomatoes - These devilish little creatures are great if turned into ketchup or spaghetti sauce. I would argue delicious. But by themselves, The texture makes me want to throw up on myself and eat it because it would be a better texture.
8.) Peppers - I know I sound picky but these little fellows have a similar texture to tomatoes and I don't really like the taste
9.) Refried beans - Can anyone say dog poop?
10.) Guacamole or Avocado/eggplant based products - I know that avocados and eggplants are completely different but they both taste awful and have the same texture! ECH!


Day LI: 5 Things that suck about forgetfulness

These are things that are terrible about forgetting things. I am so predictable all of you probably know what the last one is...

1.) Bad test Scores
2.) Missing appointments can cause many bad things
3.) a law suit (If you are a doctor watch out)
4.) You feel stupid
5.) Umm... I forget the last one


Day L: 10 interesting things about 50

These are 10 amazing facts about a little number I like to call FIFTY!

1.) It is a little over half of how long some people will live to be
2.) It can be written as one symbol in roman numerals - L
3.) It is the sum of 3 squares 3^2 + 4^2 + 5^2
4.) The same state number as Hawaii
5.) The value of the Kennedy half dollar in cents
6.) If it were 50 feet it would be equal to 8 and 1/3 fathoms
7.) It is the number of chapters in the book of Genesis in the bible
8.) It is the atomic number of tin which has a nickname Sn
9.) Fifty comes after forty-nine and precedes fifty-one
10.) 5 times 10 = 50

Bonus.) This is the fiftieth day that I have posted on this site Happy birthday? and happy reading to all!
(BTW a portion of these facts came from Wikipedia)


Day XLIX: List of sleep

I know it is only 10:30 my time but I am super-tired (not good) anywaysssss sooo my list today is completely random I don't know how many things will be on it or what the theme will be but you will have to decipher by yourself. ZZZZZ....

1.) 10 :Label
2.) 20 Print "hello I'm tired"
3.) 30 goto label
4.) Junior
5.) death
6.) squirrel
7.) misspelling
7.) superman
8.) heaviness
9.) Guitar Hero
10.) feeling and sensation
11.) Cats I'm a kitty cat and I dance dance dance and I dance dance dance
12.) http://www.rathergood.com/moon_song/
15.) zorro (fox in spanish)
16.) Listo (clever)
17.) muerto (dead)


Day XLVIII: 10 things I would not kill for

These are things that I would definitely not kill for (or at least I hope so).

1.) Money
2.) Power
3.) Fame
4.) Status
5.) false gods
6.) a person in power over me
7.) revenge
8.) the death of someone I love (this one would be hard. If someone specifically killed someone you love it would be hard to kill them. I think I could resist but I cannot tell you because no one that I love has been murdered.)
9.) Organ harvesting
10.) a haircut


Day XLVII: 11 creatures that I have seen in the road/ on the side of the road

These are 11 animals that I have seen on the side of the road or in the road (some dead some alive) Bon Apetit

1.) Deer
2.) Bear
3.) Fox
4.) Porcupine
5.) Chipmunk
6.) Squirrel
7.) Turtle (more specifically of the box type)
8.) Snapping turtle (there is a difference look it up on wikipedia)
9.) Opossum
10.) Moose
11.) A man with short short shorts (ewww.) he walks through my town all the time


Day XLVI: 11 sentences starting with the word small

These are some sentences that start with the word small.

1.) Small people are not big.
2.) Small animals can fit in a teacup.
3.) Small clothes do not fit well.
4.) Small shoes give me blisters.
5.) Small caplets can cure hurts.
6.) Small changes can make a difference.
7.) Small elements heat up my food
8.) Small beards below the lip make me angry.
9.) Small paper clips hold large papers together but not well.
10.) Small planets are we.
11.) Small tools fix big machines.


Day XLV: 10 things that make nudity necessary

I've been writing XXXX when I should have been writing XL... Please forgive me. Anyway, these are things that make nudity necessary.

1.) Bathing (obviously)
2.) Sex (also obviously)
3.) Streaking (also also obviously)
4.) International soccer(futbol for those not from the US) games... whenever I see something about a soccer game it always includes streaker footage.
5.) For some Sleep
6.) Birth (can't come out with clothes on very well)
7.) Cults
8.) Lack of money in impoverished countries
9.) Nursing a baby
10.) Major surgery (usually i think)


Day XXXXIV: 5 advantages to being red-green colorblind

I almost wrote XXXXIIII(rotfl). Anyway, today I am going to tell you 5 advantages to being red-green colorblind as I am.

(if you do not see the number 29 [that is what I am told I cannot see it and therefore do not know for a fact] in this circle you are probably colorblind check out the colorblindness test)

1.) If and when you get married (I'm not) you will never have to choose the color of a wall or floor etc.
2.) Also with the same stipulation as the first, you have an excuse if you accidentally tell your wife that she is wearing something that doesn't match
3.) You can make a fashion statement without knowing it
4.) You can turn your clothes to Christmas (red and green) and say, "What these aren't both red (green if you prefer)?"
5.) (This one is annoying but also fun) If someone finds out they are like, "What color is this?" and just because you are colorblind doesn't mean you cannot distinguish some colors from one another. When you give the right answer they are amazed (or skeptical) and you have to explain to them but anyway It's a fun life!


Day XXXXIII: 23 things that are blue

These are 23 things that can be blue. Some people may disagree with me but feel free to comment if you do...

1.) Flowers
2.) Eyes
3.) People (not the color you numbnut)
4.) Clothing
5.) Bed Sheets
6.) Quilts
7.) Couches
8.) Hair
9.) Puzzle Pieces
10.) Cat hair (after food dye)
11.) Chess pieces
12.) Stuffed animals
13.) WOW Characters (no I don't play)
14.) Alien blood in Halo (it could be purple I'm red-green colorblind and can not tell the difference between blues and purples some of the time)
15.) Cars
16.) Trains
17.) Boats
18.) Water
19.) Skis
20.) Snow Boards
21.) Jackets
22.) Lint
23.) Washing machines (only if they are sleek and in style...)


Day XXXXII: List of the first 10 bookmarks on my long long list I have like 100 or so

I just wanted to mention that this is an important day for those of us who have read the Douglas Adams books. Anyway, here are the first 10 bookmarks on my list... I find these interesting so you might as well.

(This image is great 'cause it connects South Park and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

1.) Games of the year 2006
2.) photoshop website
3.) Glove pie
4.) VS. Episode 1
5.) famous Mii's
6.) How to remove spy sherif.. a virus that I had.
7.) The most annoying things of 2006
8.) Funny picture true for buisness
9.) Linux Live CD for PS3
10.) How to find a Nintendo Wii (when they were out of stock)

2 links did not work anymore so I skipped down but anyway there you have it!


Day XXXXI: 10 holidays that should or do have a color named after them

These are holidays that should be turned into colors. For example instead of saying, "That car is orange." you should be able to say, "That car is halloween."

1.) Halloween
2.) Christmas
3.) Valentines day
4.) St. Patrick's Day
5.) Flag day
6.) 4th of July (same as flag day I guess)
7.) Labor day (brownish work color)


Day XXXX: 10 things I hate about waiting for bad things that might happen

This is happening to me so I've decided to write about it from experience...

1.) Heart Racing
2.) Hand shaking
3.) Butterflies in the stomach
4.) General nervousness
5.) Lack of sleep (if it takes that long)
6.) Wondering what punishment will be
7.) Wondering how you are going to tell someone about it (parents whoever)
8.) Lack of focus on other things
9.) Painfully slow minutes
10.) Guilt and sadness


Day XXVIII: 3 dead famous inventors

This is dumb but I am soooooooooo tired today from a late night party last night that i don't care but please enjoy anyway.

1.) Einstein
2.) Edison
3.) sir francis bacon