Day LXXV: 6 "baby" word

I hate it when people use these but this is a list so that you can avoid them.

1.) Ba-ba - It's a fricken bottle! not a ba ba or boo boo or anything like that. It is a bottle and should be called as such.
2.) S'keties - Yes, I know that kids will say things wrongly but try to teach them correctly instead of encouraging the negative.
3.) S'ketie-O's - These are a derivative of s'keties but they are gross disgusting and probably deserve the baby abbreviation but, alas, unessisarry.
4.) Any repeated baby words - Don't say them back... They are not funny if you say them. Get your baby to say it on video tape if you care that much.
5.) The teletubbies - These do not encourage language skills but rather demean the English language. I love that they can do all their noises to express what they are feeling. This is a good job on the actors part but do not let your kids watch this.
6.) E'Oh - The word for hello on teletubbies !!!!! Don't listen to anyone named tinky-winky, dipsy, la-la, or po.

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