Day LXII: 7 Pets that my family has had/has


1.) Fresh water fish - My mother and I each have a tank currently. They die all the time but are easily replaced
2.) Salt water fish - My brother has these. They are more expensive.
3.) 2 hampsters - One named brownie that I don't remember and one named Rex or something that my brother had. He died from some disease.
4.) A parakeet - His name was Ralph. He had an unfortunate incident. He tried to fly though a door as it was closing. He had to be put down because he was pretty much dead anyway.
5.) A cockatiel - Still have him now his name is Queso (Cheese in spanish) he is yellow and that is why he is named this. His poop is huge compared to the parakeet
6.) A mutt dog - His name was Rocky. He was not fearless like Rocky however. He would bark at anything! We put him down a few years ago because he leaked EWW!
7.) A turtle - My dad used to pick them up off the road and we would keep them for a few days and then release them into the wild.

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