Day LXXVIII: 9 Light sources I can see from where I am sitting

Once again I am in my living room. These are the lights I can see

1.) The Lamp hung on the ceiling - it's one of those chandelier type of things.
2.) my laptop - it's battery will shine on forever
3.) the reflection from the tv - I can see the chandelier reflecting in the tv which is blank
4.) LED - I can see 2 led's on my sling box.
5.) More LED - I can see the led's on my router reflecting off my ps3
6.) More More LED - I can see the led on my ps3
7.) clock - The clock on my dvr also is lighted
8.) Kitchen - I can see the light on my kitchen cabinets.
9.) Guitar hero - I can see the light reflecting off of my guitar hero controller buttons

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