Day LXVIII: 11 letters of the english alphabet and random words that they stand for

Wow! this is completely random... HOORAY RANDOMNESS!

1.) a - The first letter of the alphabet stands for Alcon - a brand of contact cleaning solution
2.) f - This could stand for a lot of things but I picked Ferrari - fast cars = hottt
3.) q - This stands for qwertyuiop - the top row on the keyboard
4.) k - This stands for kankles which is where you don't know where the calf ends and the ankle begins on a woman or possibly a man - from family guy
5.) o - This means OMG - OH MY GOODNESS this website is awesome!
6.) u - This stands for uvula - the dangly thing in your throat
7.) v - This stands for venus - the second planet from our sun
8.) i - This stands for I as in I love this blog (yes I am brainwashing you)
9.) z - the last letter of this alphabet stands for zebra of course the striped aminal with no spots
10.) g - This stands for Gorilla Glue which never comes undone
11.) 1 this stands for 1334 or leet meaning computer speak

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