Day XXV: The 7 things I hate about Miley Cyrus

You can actually sing this list to the song. Have fun!

1.) her voice
2.) her looks
3.) she's popular
4.) her false identity
5.) she made me scream, she made me cry
I don't know which side to buy
6.) Her friends, they are hotter than she, just know it hurt
I don't "wanna" be near her ever
And the seventh thing I hate the most about her she makes me hate the radio


Day XXIV: 10 words that start with M

This is a random wordlist again we'll see how it turns out

Ready GO!
1.) Merriment
2.) Merry go round
3.) Matchbox
4.) M.D.
5.) Markers
6.) Mass
7.) Mucho
8.) Mariposa
9.) Manhole cover
10.) Mac


Day XXIII: 10 random words that rhyme

I have no idea why....

1.) Hair
2.) Blair
3.) Care
4.) Bear
5.) Pear
6.) Wear
7.) Tear
8.) Share
9.) Where
10.) Scare


Day XXII: 19 things that I would like to do at midnight

These are things that I would love to do at midnight that I haven't yet and probably never will.

1.) Begin a movie marathon
2.) Eat an entire brick of swiss cheese
3.) Fry an egg and throw it on my driveway
4.) Watch a volcano eruption
5.) Have a child (not me my future wife obviously)
6.) Kill a mockingbird (haven't read the book but I think its funny to say)
7.) Have an airsoft war
8.) Die
9.) Break a window
10.) Steal a tire from the dump and then put it back at 12:01
11.) Eat half of a pie
12.) Go to a disco
13.) Break a teapot with a sludge hammer
14.) Blow bubbles
15.) Take a picture of a famous person
16.) Throw a penny off of a tall building
17.) Threaten someone with an airsoft gun in Time Square
18.) Shine a flashlight in a sleeping person's eyes
19.) Ride a scooter down my street only wearing my underwear


Day XXI: 21 things that make me excited

These are 21 things that make me excited.. LOL

1.) Video games
2.) Dead animals
3.) Movies
4.) Suspense
5.) Girls
6.) Music
7.) Waiting for packages in the mail
8.) Waiting for film to be developed
9.) Waiting in line for anything at midnight
10.) Getting letters or emails from real people
11.) Being given positive reviews for things that I have done
12.) Energy drinks (after drinking them)
13.) Ebay
14.) Stumble Upon
15.) Trying out a new electronic device
16.) Going to parties
17.) Getting new clothes
18.) Driving my mom's BMW
19.) Burning things
20.) Wierd situations
21.) Doing well on a test


Day XX: 1 thing I have to say today

1.) Happy 20th post to List-y.blogspot.com


Day XIX (a palendrome): 10 gadgets/tech things that I own

These are 10 things that I own... If you have any ideas for lists submit them matt1125@gmail.com thanks.

1.) Microsoft Zune
2.) Nintendo DS
3.) Nintendo Wii
4.) PS3
5.) HP TX 2110 (laptop)
6.) HP IPAQ 111 classic (pda)
7.) Canon SX100 digital camera
8.) Canon Rebel g2 film camera
9.) Samsung Glyde cell phone
10.) mac mini


Day XVIII: 3 animals that confuse me

Yup title says it all

1.) Duck billed platypus
2.) Dinosaurs
3.) Cats (why aren't they extinct)


Day XVI: 7 days of the week

This is a list of the names of all 7 days of the week in not 1 but 2 languages LOL.. Learn some spanish today

1.) Monday........Lunes
2.) Tuesday.......Martes
3.) Wednesday..Miercoles
4.) Thursday......Jueves
5.) Friday...........Viernes
6.) Saturday.......Sabado
7.) Sunday..........Domingo


Day XV: 10 thing that animals do that I don't/can't

Today I have a list of things that I don't or can't do that animals do. Anyway, enjoy!

1.) Pee anywhere (dog)
2.) Get fed by another species (zoo animals)
3.) Cannibalism (bugs)
4.) Running really really fast like a cheetah
5.) Have/be an alpha male for real (baboon)
6.) Not risk AIDS (any)
7.) Use echo location (Bat)
8.) Lift things 6 times my weight (like an ant)
9.) Bite my master and get away with it (dog again)
10.) Walk away when something disinterests me (any sort of creature)


Day XIV: 10 people names (just random first name only)

These are the first t3n (on purpose) names that come to my mind. Enjoy!

1.) Katy
2.) John
3.) Josh
4.) Sarah
5.) Troy
6.) Mim
7.) Jay
8.) Lilly
9.) Colton
10.) Jeremy


Day XIV: The first 13 words that come to my mind starting with the Letter "K"

These are the first 13 things that come to my mind that start with the letter K

1.) Katy Perry
2.) Kiss
3.) Kill
4.) Kwanzaa
5.) Kill zone
6.) Killer 7
7.) Koffin
8.) Kahlua
9.) King Kong
10.) Kilometre (only Spanish word that starts with k)
11.) Kat
12.) Kool
13.) KKK