Day XXII: 19 things that I would like to do at midnight

These are things that I would love to do at midnight that I haven't yet and probably never will.

1.) Begin a movie marathon
2.) Eat an entire brick of swiss cheese
3.) Fry an egg and throw it on my driveway
4.) Watch a volcano eruption
5.) Have a child (not me my future wife obviously)
6.) Kill a mockingbird (haven't read the book but I think its funny to say)
7.) Have an airsoft war
8.) Die
9.) Break a window
10.) Steal a tire from the dump and then put it back at 12:01
11.) Eat half of a pie
12.) Go to a disco
13.) Break a teapot with a sludge hammer
14.) Blow bubbles
15.) Take a picture of a famous person
16.) Throw a penny off of a tall building
17.) Threaten someone with an airsoft gun in Time Square
18.) Shine a flashlight in a sleeping person's eyes
19.) Ride a scooter down my street only wearing my underwear


Bethedee said...

19 Things that I would like to do at midnight

1. Finish writing a book
2. Jump out of a moving train
3. Go back in time to 11:59PM
4. Go yeti hunting
5. Find a definition for "truth"
6. Hide in wait at the Arch for the emo clan
7. Meet God
8. Finish a pack of twizzlers
9. Bang my fists against the automatic doors at Staples and demand entry
10. Be crowned queen of America, England, Canada and Brazil
11. Get a bunny
12. Find out where Elsewhere is
13. Marry Batman (the one from dark knight)
14. Finally get a call back from my agent
15. Sing "get by with a little help from my friends" while linking arms with some of my friends and swaying back and forth in front of your local 24 hour walmart
16. Drink coffee
17. Put out a fire in a burning building
18. Win a million dollars
19. Have a spicy chickn crisp from burger king

Quarab58 said...

You can do a midnight movie marathon with me sometime C:
We'll do it somewhere random, like the beach