Day XIII: 13 things that excite me that start with "s"

These are 13 things that excite me but they all start with the letter "S". Bye

1.) Sleep
2.) Sharks
3.) Slugs
4.) Sexy girls
5.) Sunken Ships
6.) Sour patch kids
7.) Saliva (in large quantities)
8.) Syrup
9.) Slippery Slopes
10.) Sucking lollipops
11.) Slinkys(ies?)
12.) Spiral Stairs
13.) Staring at the Stars


Day XII: 5 things I like to drink

Today I am going to tell you a list of things I like to drink. This may be boring but it is still a list nonetheless.

1.) Fizzy soda pop
2.) Smooth chocolate milk
3.) Berry smoothies
4.) Cool crisp spring water
5.) Chocolate milkshakes
6.) Most flavors of Vitamin Water


Day XI: 8 things that scare me

Today, I was thinking of things that scare me. These are them soo... ENJOI

1.) Snakes
2.) Heights
3.) Dead people
4.) Men with lots of makeup for no reason
5.) Killing a possum
6.) Drowning
7.) Knives
8.) That the internet will die


Day X: 9 websites that have changed my internet experience

Today I am coming up with a list of 9 websites that inspire me or just rocked my internet experience. Well have fun.

1.) Blogger
2.) Gmail
3.) Google
4.) Wikipedia
5.) Spark Notes
6.) iscrybe.com
7.) Woot.com
8.) Amazon.com
9.) digg.com


Day IX: 7 things that make me clasp my hands to my face and go AHHHHHH

These are either tedious things or things that are so annoying they just make me want to clasp my hands to my face and go AHHHHHH! So enjoi (I saw that on a license plate today)

1.) Computer viruses
2.) Big reports for school
3.) Not being able to do things I want to because of things I have to do
4.) Thinking about calories
5.) Thinking about sharp objects
6.) Listening to country music
7.) Going into china shops with small aisles (I'm 6'4... and stuff)

Rules for posting your own list:
1. Only 7 items and not less
2. I censor if it's really bad (be your own judge)
4. Anyone can post


Day VIII: 15 Things that bore me

Today I am writing a list of 15 things that bore me. So if you ever want to bore me please make me do some of these things. I could list many more but I think this list is good.

1.) Funerals
2.) Reading things on walls (like at history museums)
3.) Bad movies that someone else likes
4.) Fishing
5.) Trees without leaves
6.) Not doing anything (unless I'm really tired)
7.) Hunting
8.) Watching Clocks
9.) Watching people that suck at video games play video games
10.) Of Plymouth Plantation This book made me almost hate William Bradford
11.) Listening to rap
12.) Listening to country music
13.) People pretending they know what they're talking about and not knowing and also not being a good actor/actress
14.) Stuck up people
15.) People trying to impress you with money or big words for example

Rules for posting:
1.) 15 things no more no less
2.) I censor (nothing too obscene)


Day VII: Things I like to spin

Today, I feel like making a list of my favorite things to spin.

1.) Merry-go-rounds
2.) Fans
3.) Pens in my fingers
4.) Basketballs (on my fingers again)
5.) Children's toys
6.) Yo- Yo's

Rules for posting:

1.) 6 items no more no less
2.) don't say anything too bad I do censor
3.) Have fun with it


Day VI: Top 5 Bands/Artists

Today I am writing my top 5 bands/artists hope you enjoy.

1.) Beatles
2.) Genesis
3.) Chopin (not really an artist more of a composer but whatever)
4.) Matt.com (free music)
5.) Paul Van Dyk

Here are the rules for posting:
1. Please only 5 but not less
2. I censor be careful


Day V: Top 5 Cereals

Today is a list of your top 5 favorite cereals. I thought that this would be an interesting and easy one to do. I don't post on Sunday that's why there was none yesterday :D.

Here's My list (in ranked order this time):
1.) Cocoa Puffs
2.) Total Cranberry Crunch
3.) Cinnamon Life
4.) Trix
5.) Fruity Pebbles

Here are the rules:
1. 5 items no more no less
2. I do censor (so watch out if you are a pervert)
3. Have fun with it


Day IV: 7 things I like to cut

These are things that I like to cut. Either with scissors or a knife. I know this is not very creative but I'm really tired today so... whatev.

1.) Toenails
2.) Other peoples hair (heh heh heh...)
3.) Paper
4.) Apples
5.) Strawberries
6.) Cloth
7.) Rope

Here are the rules for posting:
1.) 7 things no more no less
2.) Nothing really bad (I do censor)

Day III: 6 things that I've never done that I might want to try someday

Today I am posting 6 things that I've never done that I might want to do someday. I hope you enjoy and laugh.

1.) Kissed a girl
2.) Eaten squirrel
3.) Stopped a fan with my tongue
4.) Jumped from my roof (or anyone's)
5.) Owned a pair of roller skates for a roller rink
6.) Killed a Mocking Bird

Here are the rules for posting your very own:
1.) Only 6 items: No MORE, No LESS
2.) Nothing too terrible (I do censor)
3.) Be original and have fun!


Day 2- 8 Feelings I like in my Mouth

Today I am posting a list of feelings I like in my mouth. These are not just flavors that you like its something that feels good in your mouth. This does not necessarily have to be a food, although all of mine are.

1.) Crunching ice with my teeth
2.) Chocolate melting over my tongue
3.) Hot chocolate on a cold winter day
4.) Cooling mint flavors
5.) Licking icicles
6.) Ice cream on a warm summer day
7.) Crunchy nachos with warm gooey cheese sauce
8.) Crunching hard candy (I like things sticking to my teeth)

Here are the rules:
1.) Only 8 items no more no less
2.) Nothing obscene (I do censor)


23 Things that Make Me Happy.

This is the firs day of my brand new Blog!!!!! Hooray Party party

party image

Well the first list is a list of 23 things that make you happy here are the rules:

1. It must be 23 things no more no less

2. Please nothing too obscene I do moderate (I will not moderate for hating my website or something like that but I will for something too obscene be your own judge)


Here is my list

1.) hype (over-excitement)

2.) hanging out with friends

3.) Knowledge

4.) the ability to do things better than others

5.) momentary diversions (toys, new things, etc.)

6.) killing bugs

7.) being critical (wish it didn't)

8.) randomness

9.) getting telephone calls or even better letters (from people not advertisement)

10.) getting good grades in school

11.) The dollar store/ thrift shoppers

12.) Finishing a workout

13.) Impressing others

14.) Telling a good joke

15.) Reading n good book

16.) mint shampoo

17.) good surprises

18.) Mozilla Firefox

19.) getting new stuff

20.) giving good gifts

21.) Logic (on my part)

22.) accomplishment(also on my part)

23.) good smells