Day VIII: 15 Things that bore me

Today I am writing a list of 15 things that bore me. So if you ever want to bore me please make me do some of these things. I could list many more but I think this list is good.

1.) Funerals
2.) Reading things on walls (like at history museums)
3.) Bad movies that someone else likes
4.) Fishing
5.) Trees without leaves
6.) Not doing anything (unless I'm really tired)
7.) Hunting
8.) Watching Clocks
9.) Watching people that suck at video games play video games
10.) Of Plymouth Plantation This book made me almost hate William Bradford
11.) Listening to rap
12.) Listening to country music
13.) People pretending they know what they're talking about and not knowing and also not being a good actor/actress
14.) Stuck up people
15.) People trying to impress you with money or big words for example

Rules for posting:
1.) 15 things no more no less
2.) I censor (nothing too obscene)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

In that case - never watch me play video games. ;D