23 Things that Make Me Happy.

This is the firs day of my brand new Blog!!!!! Hooray Party party

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Well the first list is a list of 23 things that make you happy here are the rules:

1. It must be 23 things no more no less

2. Please nothing too obscene I do moderate (I will not moderate for hating my website or something like that but I will for something too obscene be your own judge)


Here is my list

1.) hype (over-excitement)

2.) hanging out with friends

3.) Knowledge

4.) the ability to do things better than others

5.) momentary diversions (toys, new things, etc.)

6.) killing bugs

7.) being critical (wish it didn't)

8.) randomness

9.) getting telephone calls or even better letters (from people not advertisement)

10.) getting good grades in school

11.) The dollar store/ thrift shoppers

12.) Finishing a workout

13.) Impressing others

14.) Telling a good joke

15.) Reading n good book

16.) mint shampoo

17.) good surprises

18.) Mozilla Firefox

19.) getting new stuff

20.) giving good gifts

21.) Logic (on my part)

22.) accomplishment(also on my part)

23.) good smells

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