Day IX: 7 things that make me clasp my hands to my face and go AHHHHHH

These are either tedious things or things that are so annoying they just make me want to clasp my hands to my face and go AHHHHHH! So enjoi (I saw that on a license plate today)

1.) Computer viruses
2.) Big reports for school
3.) Not being able to do things I want to because of things I have to do
4.) Thinking about calories
5.) Thinking about sharp objects
6.) Listening to country music
7.) Going into china shops with small aisles (I'm 6'4... and stuff)

Rules for posting your own list:
1. Only 7 items and not less
2. I censor if it's really bad (be your own judge)
4. Anyone can post

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I HATE going into places with small aisles and I'm not even tall :]

But you clasp your hands to your face and go AHHHH randomly anyways.