Day LXIX: 10 good things about PS3

I own one and these are 10 great features about it

1.) Free online with the playstation network. It seems to work just as well as live and has no subscription fee
2.) A cheap blu ray disc player - If you have an HDTV as I do you will definitely want one of these since hd-dvd is down the drain.
3.) Playstation 3 exclusives - If you like games like metal gear, littlebigplanet or other great playstations exclusives it's great
4.) Great network compatibility - You can just turn windows media player so sharing is on and PS3 will auto-recognise it
5.) The XMB - This is the cross media bar it is so easy to navigate unlike microsoft's broken system
6.) It's now pretty cheap at only 399
7.) A built in hdd - It's 80 gigs now even though mine is only 40 this is a fair amount of space for music video and game storage
8.) Compatibility with PSP - I also have one of these that I acquired recently. You can do remote play or easily transfer data both ways.
9.) Yellowdog - You can install other operating systems such as yellowdog or ubuntu on your ps3 SWEET!
10.) The controller - The slight tweeks from ps2 make it amazingly good

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