day LXXIII: 8 things that I did today

Today was a long day. Here were the 8 highlights!

(our spaghetti didn't look as fancy as this but it got the job done)

1.) I woke up - I forgot to set my alarm so my brother awakened me.
2.) I went to school - We had a super-extra-long drama class today because we only have 4 more practices or something and it took up all of my classes and I was satisfied
3.) I baked cookies - We did this during community service block (my school has one built in) for the teachers. Mrs. Bemis, a parent who is very involved in the school, didn't like my abstract cookie designs - they were sugar cookies-.
4.) I called my parents - They are in Athens... So I called them because there is a 6 or 7 hour time difference.
5.) I went to the mall - I went to two stores
6.) I bought shoes - They are nike slip on sneaker sort of things. I thought they were 30 dollars and they ended up being only 20 dollars
7.) I fed homeless people - We went to the salvation army with my youth group and made spaghetti for the people living the the halfway house. It was really a good time.
8.) I went to dinner - I was invited to eat with them. I would have liked to but I had already planned to go to dinner with my grandparents. We went with them to a chinese buffet and it was good. I ate all my food - including ice cream - with my chop sticks!

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Quarab58 said...

I remember when we went to the buffet over the summer and you ate ice cream with chopsticks then, too. xD