Day LXVI: 6 things that are not dead

I figured 6 things on the 66th day would not be a bad omen or anything...

(me as paris hilton)

1.) Me - Just checked my pulse and my eyes are working and the keyboard is typing so yes.
2.) God - I don't think He even can die
3.) My laptop - She is alive and well I have avast! antivirus and do not torrent anymore
4.) My mom - I can hear her voice from the other room.
5.) My fish - I can see them moving, floating, being fish in my tank about a meter from me.
6.) Chivalry - Take note of this caballeros - gents in Spanish I just think that it is a cool word because it means horsemen - please be GENTLEMEN don't just go there to use the restroom. And Ladies act ladylike and expect gentlemanly behavior in return.

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