Day LXI: 9 items I regularly buy at the convenience store

These are 9 things that I buy regularly at convenience stores

1.) Soda's (Wild cherry pepsi is what I'm craving right now)
2.) Chips - Doritos are a fav. of mine
3.) Candy bars - UH... DuH this is what they invented irving blue canoe for!
4.) Truffles - 25 cents at the counter can't go wrong
5.) N.O.S. - Not the kind for your car. The energy drink its the only one I can stand. One of these will keep me going all night long!
6.) Vitamin Water - This delicious goodness came into my life about a year or two ago and has been my obsession ever since
7.) Ice cream - I usually buy the orange push pops for 50 cents!
8.) Hot dogs - I know they sound gross but they taste great!
9.) Slushies - Ice plus coke flavoring = a must have

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