Day LXX: 10 things that I can see where I am sitting

I am in my living/media room so this shouldn't be hard

1.) The new guitar hero controller - It works better once you get used to it
2.) The drums from guitar hero wt: They broke in a sad way and now I can't return them because I don't have the receipt :(
3.) DDR Dance pad - It's like my favorite game ever I should be getting two more in the mail.
4.) An AK Rocker - They sold/sell these at best buy they are very comfortable
5.) My slingbox - If you don't know what it is wikipedia! It's amazing
6.) Fuzzy blankets - They are the best.
7.) A logitech harmony remote - The second best thing to having a media center full of wires and equipment is being able to control it.
8.) A nintendo gamecube controller - I use these to play wii weird huh?
9.) A glass of water - not mine but I'm going to get one
10.) A keyboard - How else would I type?

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