Day LXIII: 8 red things

Sorry I didn't post yesterday I was at an all night thing with my youth group and didn't have time...

1.) Apples - I love the crunchy kind the red delicious.
2.) Blood - MMM... Tastes like chicken (I know it's a horrible cliche)
3.) Some tootbrushes - Mine is pink but some are red and some are red with blood from over-brushing
4.) Christmas lights - I don't want to complain but seriously who told wal mart it's Christmas?
5.) Leaves - In the fall they turn this color along with yellow and all sorts of shades of brown
6.) Underwear - Some people wear red undies. Today I am wearing blue but red is a good color. It's sexy or something..
7.) Cars - It has been said that red is the most popular color. "By Whom?" you ask. I would have to answer exactly...
8.) Cats with paint on them - I don't think I've ever seen a cat with naturally red hair but tempra paints make an excellent dye for your white pussy.

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