Day XXXXIV: 5 advantages to being red-green colorblind

I almost wrote XXXXIIII(rotfl). Anyway, today I am going to tell you 5 advantages to being red-green colorblind as I am.

(if you do not see the number 29 [that is what I am told I cannot see it and therefore do not know for a fact] in this circle you are probably colorblind check out the colorblindness test)

1.) If and when you get married (I'm not) you will never have to choose the color of a wall or floor etc.
2.) Also with the same stipulation as the first, you have an excuse if you accidentally tell your wife that she is wearing something that doesn't match
3.) You can make a fashion statement without knowing it
4.) You can turn your clothes to Christmas (red and green) and say, "What these aren't both red (green if you prefer)?"
5.) (This one is annoying but also fun) If someone finds out they are like, "What color is this?" and just because you are colorblind doesn't mean you cannot distinguish some colors from one another. When you give the right answer they are amazed (or skeptical) and you have to explain to them but anyway It's a fun life!

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Quarab58 said...

xD I think I've pulled the "WHAT COLOR IS THIS?" thing on you. ;3
Because my bio teacher can't distinguish colors, so it's fun to do with him.