Day XXXXIII: 23 things that are blue

These are 23 things that can be blue. Some people may disagree with me but feel free to comment if you do...

1.) Flowers
2.) Eyes
3.) People (not the color you numbnut)
4.) Clothing
5.) Bed Sheets
6.) Quilts
7.) Couches
8.) Hair
9.) Puzzle Pieces
10.) Cat hair (after food dye)
11.) Chess pieces
12.) Stuffed animals
13.) WOW Characters (no I don't play)
14.) Alien blood in Halo (it could be purple I'm red-green colorblind and can not tell the difference between blues and purples some of the time)
15.) Cars
16.) Trains
17.) Boats
18.) Water
19.) Skis
20.) Snow Boards
21.) Jackets
22.) Lint
23.) Washing machines (only if they are sleek and in style...)


Quarab58 said...

I always forget you're red-green color blind. :3
Does that mean my hair didn't look red to you when I dyed it?

Matty said...

no it means that I cannot see certain shades of red and green. For example this test it sort of explains it. Wikipedia I can distinguish certain shades but others I have no idea...