Day LIII: 10 foods I love

I decided to do the opposite of yesterday

1.) Macaroni and cheese - What can I say simply delicious
2.) Pizza - especially white pizza. I just love pizza!!!!
3.) Ice cream - Any flavor except Coffee
4.) Chocolate - anything up to 70% dark... My favorite is bittersweet and hershey's special dark.
5.) After dinner mints - I ate almost a whole package of these once and got kind of sick but it was worth it
6.) Sponge bob squarepants gummy crabby patties - mmmm... Gummy goodness and branded stuff its great!
7.) Doritos - That's right Doritos are gr8
8.) Candy buttons - They are half paper half sugar. They are amazing as well.
9.) Hershey's caramel kisses - Caramel and chocolate together is good
10.) Smoothies - Fruity goodness in every bite...

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