Day XXXXII: List of the first 10 bookmarks on my long long list I have like 100 or so

I just wanted to mention that this is an important day for those of us who have read the Douglas Adams books. Anyway, here are the first 10 bookmarks on my list... I find these interesting so you might as well.

(This image is great 'cause it connects South Park and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

1.) Games of the year 2006
2.) photoshop website
3.) Glove pie
4.) VS. Episode 1
5.) famous Mii's
6.) How to remove spy sherif.. a virus that I had.
7.) The most annoying things of 2006
8.) Funny picture true for buisness
9.) Linux Live CD for PS3
10.) How to find a Nintendo Wii (when they were out of stock)

2 links did not work anymore so I skipped down but anyway there you have it!

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