Day LII: 10 foods that I don't like

Well these are 10 foods that I definitely detest.

(excuse me for taking you back to the 90's with a gif but I think it's awesome!)

1.) Fish (except fish sticks) - I cannot stand fish in any form whether it be sushi, salmon, cod, etc. I have tried to like it so many times but the only thing that is good to me is fish sticks which are probably just fish eyes anyway but whatev.
2.) Other seafoods - I have tried like shellfish, lobster etc. and I don't like it. I have even tried octopus (twice) EWWWW! I did like, however, fried scallops so I guess that is an exception.
3.) Mustard - Ground up seed that taste like butt. No thanks
4.) The Barbecue sauce that my dad eats - First of all, my dad loves wishbone barbecue sauce so he loads (I do mean in heaps) it on his food drowning out the flavor all together but also it is gross. I like some barbecue sauces in moderation.
5.) Mayonnaise - What do I have to say? It's gross! The only use for it is curing lice.
6.) Coffee - I've tried it so many times it's not even funny. My friends are like, "Try this coffee it's the best ever" or "Mocha doesn't even taste like coffee" Oh! you lying lying fools. I hate it all!
7.) Tomatoes - These devilish little creatures are great if turned into ketchup or spaghetti sauce. I would argue delicious. But by themselves, The texture makes me want to throw up on myself and eat it because it would be a better texture.
8.) Peppers - I know I sound picky but these little fellows have a similar texture to tomatoes and I don't really like the taste
9.) Refried beans - Can anyone say dog poop?
10.) Guacamole or Avocado/eggplant based products - I know that avocados and eggplants are completely different but they both taste awful and have the same texture! ECH!

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Quarab58 said...

Scallops ftw! :3

And I hate mayo too. ;3
But I've told you that, like, 300 times.