10 things I did today!

I'm dropping the day thing. I've gotten sick of it. Sorry if you liked it. I'll warn you at big posts like 200 or whatever :D.

1.) Drank soda. I was at my friends' house and I drank 5 cokes and 2 pepsis while playing risk.
2.) Played risk. I came in third out of four: not that bad.
3.) Ate food. DUH!
4.) Watched "Royal Pains" from this week
5.) Slept: until like 10:30am
6.) Posted a youbtube video. I started a new show today with my friend, Ethan and my brother, Mark. check it out here ...
7.) Watched family guy. Love that show!
8.) Played halo. I played with my friend, Erik. It was super-fun!
9.) Drove my car. I had to get places somehow.
10.) Talked. I tend to do that.

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