Day CII: 25 random things about myself

Just cause you asked... you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you...

1.) I visit woot.com almsot daily
2.) I love to play maphia wars and dope wars on facebook :D
3.) I like facebook better than myspace
4.) I want to learn to be fluent in spanish
5.) and some other language maybe french
6.) I always sleep with a fan on.
7.) I'm not listening to music right now.
8.) I want to have a family when I'm older.
9.) Being rich would be cool but I think I'd rather be famous.
10.) I'm going to be 18 years old in 12 days
11.) I'm interested in medical things
12.) I'm not into guys
13.) I prefer duffel bags to suitcases
14.) My backpack is from LLBean the best company for bags ever
15.) I'm taking 3 ap courses this year and hopefully passing the exam for all three.
16.) I love candy esp chocolate
17.) Sometimes people annoy me but I try to be patient
18.) I'm a horrible speller
19.) I think Daniel Webster is a cool name
20.) Shiny things amuse me.
21.) I'm a technofile
22.) Wikipedia is the god of knowledge
23.) Sometimes I stretch myself too far
24.) I'm not good at transfering 2-D pictures into 3-d things like instruction manuals
25.) I finished this in under 7 minutes :D

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