Day XCVII: Handheldish Electronic name

I've been naming all my electronic devices... here are their names now

1.) I named my computer Franklin Price. I searched for touchable and came up with the name by searching touchable (I have a tablet PC on google) and saw this website here There was a name on the website J. Franklin- Pryce so there we go :D.

2.) I named my phone Sid because it has a flame for a background and I was thinking of the bad character from Toy Story.

3.) I'm naming my Sandisk player (4gb refurb) Sam because it's little, reliable, and gender neutral. I mostly use it when I'm working out or whatever cause it's really tiny and was only 30 dollars.

4.) I'm naming my Zune Shaun because I have a lot of Psych episodes on there and I love the main character Shaun from that show even though he may spell it differently...

5.) I'm naming my ds Mario because Nintendo loves Franchises

6.) I'm naming my Palm Pilot Todo (like from Wizard of Oz) because it holds my to do lists and can help me find my way back to Kansas.

7.) I'm lastly naming my PSP Lazurus because I broke the screen but hopefully I will help it to rise from the dead some day.


Quarab58 said...

I LOVE Psych.

Matty said...

'tis the best :D it comes back this month sometime I'm excited...