Day CXV: 18 things i can do now that I'm 18 (My bday was the 10th)

What a perfect number for america...

1.) Buy tabacco products - chew, dip, marlboro etc. I can buy them all
2.) Buy or view porn on the internet - not that I'd want to
3.) Buy stuff off the tv
4.) Open a credit card
5.) Sign up for the military
6.) Click on popup ads
7.) Start lying about my age in a reverse sense.
8.) Go to an adult jail because I've been a bad adult boy.
9.) Go to a stripper bar.
10.) Become a stripper... (not muscular enough lol)
11.) Take asprin without the risk of bad things
12.) Start an ebay account
13.) Start an 401k
14.) Work long hours without breaks
15.) Have people pretend that I'm so much better because I'm an "adult"
16.) Think that I'm an adult (hardly)
17.) Buy a gun (NRA Rox)
18.) Buy 5 hour energy shot things woot!

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