Day CIX: 20 things I don't want for my birthday!

I was going to do a list of things I wanted but I thought this would be funnier...

1.) Wet hay - This is not only useless but also gross.
2.) A dead panther - Panthers should be free and if one of them died naturally I wouldn't want it.
3.) A sponge from your kitchen - do you know how many germs those things carry eww...
4.) 6 more weeks of winter - I command you to not look at your shadows today groundhogs
5.) Less sleep - I already get little enough as it is.
6.) to be dead - not yet
7.) a kitten - I would be tempted to take care of it and I don't like cats
8.) A germ-ex bath - this would hurt
9.) Spankings - anyone that tries this will be sent immediately back to jail without passing Go
10.) More disease - I have this horrible sinus infection I don't want anything else
11.) A picture of me - I'm not that vain!
12.) A book about Mongolia - sorry Mongolia I didn't mean to hurt you
13.) Paint - My walls are yellow and red and I like it
14.) a chainsaw - what on earth would I do with that? (unless there was a barbie attached)
15.) A melted hot glue stick - not very much use there
16.) A box of dog food - I don't have a dog and I'm sure I'm not eating it
17.) Homework - LOL
18.) Bribes - well maybe...
19.) A wish - I don't want to wish for anything just give me something awesome or cash
20.) A billion dollars - I only want 999,999,999 I'm not that selfish

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