Day CVIII: 9 red things that heat up stuff

It's feb 9th and that's the number that inspired this list !

1.) Electric stoves - Duh
2.) Hot metal - I suppose it would be green if it was copper but I'm red green colorblind so whatever and it would be red if it was iron...
3.) Red microwave ovens - We often forget that style can come to a microwave near you!
4.) Endless crowds of angry people - I just referenced one of my fav songs of all time "Harold the Barrel" by Genesis :D
5.) Fire!
6.) A very broken computer - with battery explosion issues
7.) A space heater - of the electric type
8.) A red pan - you know those pans with cooking things built into the bottom.. You don't? Well it made the list anyway so tough!
9.) A red crock pot - MMM delicious stews and chilis :D

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